The Greater Waterville YMCA is pleased to offer  the Reach & Rise Therapeutic Mentoring Program at the Alfond Youth Center.   Reach & Rise is a national YMCA program that is committed to youth development by nurturing the potential of kids and teens to help them achieve and reach their full potential.


Included in the national expansion of 2013,

the Greater Waterville YMCA is one of only 38 Y’s

to offer this program.

Lynne is really really really really really awesome and I really like the mentoring program!  Lynne helps me by taking me places that I really like  such as Champions to  work-out and we also get to play racquetball!



I still remember the loneliness and isolation I felt because I didn't have anyone to talk to about my problems.   I joined Reach and Rise with the intention of being the mentor I always wished for.


The Next Mentor Training

Starts January 10th, 5:30 - 8:30pm

5 Week, 15 Hour Class

Held at the AYC

Matches made upon completion

Contact Michelle to Register 

Living our Cause



The Reach & Rise Therapeutic Mentoring Program began in 1992 through the YMCA of San Francisco.  The program was designed so mentors could more effectively understand and respond to emotional, behavioral and mental health needs experienced by youth. The program was later piloted in Baltimore, Phoenix, Cincinnati, Nashville and Oakland where research has shown it allowed youth to better express their feelings, improve school grades, have higher expectations of themselves, get along better with others and become more involved with extracurricular programming. 



The Reach & Rise Therapeutic Mentoring Program is designed for youth ages 9-17 who live in communities challenged by poverty, crime, truancy, and single-parent households, among other social issues.  Youth may be struggling with challenges such as low self -esteem, poor academic progress and social and/or family relationships to name a few.  Research shows that youth facing such struggles are more likely to succeed with the support of a caring, dependable adult. Reach & Rise connects youth with adult mentors from the local community for 12-18 months. Adult mentors are trained to provide safe, healthy and meaningful 1:1 relationships with youth. Mentors and mentees will have opportunities to participate in service projects, field trips and other engaging activities. Matches will also have access to the Alfond Youth Center.





Mentors are volunteers from the community  who are at least 21 years old with diverse cultural, educational and professional backgrounds and wish to make a positive impact on young people and give back to their community.  Mentors commit to spending 1-3 hours each week for a year with their mentee. The Y is committed to ensuring a safe and caring environment for its youth and will conduct face to face interviews, background screenings and finger print checks as well as provide 15 hours of paraprofessional counseling training over the course of roughly 5 weeks for the mentors before beginning the matching process.




The Reach & Rise Therapeutic Mentoring Program serves young people ages 6-17 in Greater Waterville experiencing challenges such as low self-esteem, poor academic progress, peer difficulties, family conflict, and other challenges. Youth in our program come from a variety of ethnic, socioeconomic and family backgrounds and are referred to the program in a number of ways


*From school counselors, teachers and principals

*From community agencies such as social welfare and counseling agencies

*From YMCA programs

*From YMCA community, friends, family and/or self-referrals




Jenin & Stephanie

My name is Laura and my son Chad is a part of Reach and Rise.  Since he has started the program it has had such a positive impact on him - and his mentor Lynne is a wonderful mentor and woman. It is very nice to have a mother see her son come home with a positive attitude and smile. More children can benefit from Reach and Rise - not only are they helpful to the kids but to the parents as well. 

           Thank You for your time.


  • At least 21 years of age

  • From diverse backgrounds

  • Spend 1-3 hrs/wk with mentee

  • Receive 15 hours of FREE paraprofessional training
    over 5 weeks

  • Get matched with mentee

  • Meet at AYC's safe and caring environment & in your community


  • 9 to 17 years of age

  • From diverse backgrounds

  • In Greater Waterville

  • Experiencing challenges

    • Low self-esteem

    • Poor academic progress

    • Peer difficulties

    • Family conflict

I am Writing to let you know how much l enjoyed giving my mentee a tour of Bath Iron Works.  The U.S.S. Zumwalt that we toured has since been out to sea trials and was very successful!  I'd like to thank the Reach and Rise Program for the opportunity to share in this mentoring process.  Thank you, Senator Collins, for your continued support.

Mentoring has helped me by having someone to talk to and being able to feel a little more confident with the support

from my mentor.

I feel it’s a great program for our young ones. It provides another eye and another view of the world rather than just the perspective of parents. Ben really enjoys the companionship he has with his mentor Walter. I’m looking forward to enrolling my daughter!


KNOW A CHILD or TEEN who may benefit from the Program? 



Contact Program Director Michelle at        207-873-0684


Together we can nurture and support the great potential that all youth possess!



Alfond Youth & Community Center

126 North Street

Waterville, Maine 04901


Fax: 207.861.8016

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