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The AYCC is proud to work with families to provide affordable, quality childcare options. We accept third party funding from many organizations, including the State of Maine, Department of Health and Human Services. Additionally, we offer financial assistance for some of our childcare programs and strive to do our best to connect area families with funding assistance so that children have the best possible opportunities for safe, quality childcare after school. 

Third Party Childcare Assistance

This process must be completed and approved PRIOR to the child attending the program, unless personally paying for your child care fees.

If your family qualifies for any third party childcare assistance/subsidy, you MUST first obtain childcare assistance or reimbursement prior to the child’s attendance in the program. The most commonly utilized and accepted are the Child Care Subsidy Program (CCSP) and Transitional Child Care (TCC).

You may qualify for Transitional Child Care (TCC) If you have received TANF  in the last 12 months, or been open TCC in the last 30 days, have earnings at the time TANF closed, and are working now. If “yes” to all, you maybe be  potentially eligible for Transitional Child Care.

Contact the Child Care Unit: (207)624-5200; Email:                       ; or visit your local DDHS office for more info.


If “no” to any TCC questions, Are you a parent who is: working, in school, in a job training program, or a guardian that is the age of 65 with retirement documentation? See income guidelines to the below:  

If income eligible, you may be potentially eligible for the Child Care Subsidy Program.  


There are three ways to apply for CCSP:

1.  You can apply online:

2.  Call (207) 624-7999 or 1-877-680-5866; or

3. Visit your local DHHS office for more information.

4. You may also contact Danielle Bragg, AYCC Third Party Specialist for assistance – email or call 207-873-0684 x787.

Danielle Bragg.jpg

Danielle Bragg

Third Party Billing Specialist

207-873-0684 x787


It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to report any absences to the Childcare Director for the program the child attends. These are considered excused absences and each child is allowed a

limited amount of absences.

Any absence not reported to Childcare Directors would be considered unexcused, and must be    reported to CCSP. This may result in a change or loss of third party funding.

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