Over 35,000 Individual Meals Served   
   From March 16th through June 4th, 2020    

Who Fed Families in Need?  You did!


Fed 3,000 or More

Fed 100 - 400 

Fed 5 - 60 

Peter Mitchell

   in honor of Janet Mitchell

Sue Wight

Laurie Hawkes

James Hughes

Maine Masonic Charitable Foundation

Nancy Baker

Margy Knight

Julie Miller-Soros


Kimberly Grose

Sawyer Boulette

Beth Finch & Frank Guarneri

Elaine Gallin in Memory of Jill Rubinson

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Jabar

Dr. & Mrs. Jerzy & Hilary Wieczorek

Joseph Lopes

Mallory Jabar in honor of John Jabar

Neil Gross

Peter and Joan Beckerman 

Dr. Susan Newkirk-Sanborn

Sara Arnon

Stephen Kaplan in honor of Julie Miller


Eugene Frey

Bill Pike/Pike Industries

Mary White to honor Leslie Wilson

Andrew Livingston

in honor of Mike Roy

Patricia Thierault

Elizabeth Luckraft

Elizabeth Ellen-Clark


Susan Bovi

J. Lemire

Bruce Hamilton

in memory of William Cullen

Margy Burns Knight

Elizabeth Schiller

Dr & Mrs Larry and Janice Kassman 

Jess & Jared Beers

Kimberley Besio

Diana Tuite

Kate O'Halloran

Maria Bouchard

Diane Fitzgerald

Karen Heck

Justin McCann

Wendy Miller Cohen

Karena McKinney

Ross & Genevieve Hall

Alicia MacLeay

Dr. Benjamin Barlock

3 Anonymous

Dr. Wendy Miller

Tracy Cote

Mr & Mrs. Judi Silver

Elizabeth Burgess

Nancy Tiernan

Jennifer Cuddy to honor God

George Coleman

Marissa Lyshon


Barbara Lawe

Sheila Osborn

Ken Walsh

Margo Beach

Colby Fischange

Kate Cone

Gale Ann Merle

Pavan Narayanan

Stacey Sheriff

Nick DeBlois

Christina Calamari

Patrick Coutts

Hayden Thibeault


Even though they’re located in York, Stonewall Kitchen felt the need to help feed our hungry families in the towns we serve. They’re awesome team made up some homemade chocolate pudding (yum!), chicken stew, biscuits, meatballs and pasta, peas and carrots, and salad.

Running low on perishable goods to fill the weekend backpacks we reached out to an amazing supporter and friend, John Beaupre, who also happens to be on the board of directors for AGNE.  Without a second thought John jumped into action and made this happen!

Two palettes of much needed food for our Weekend Backpack Program!  Thank you to AGNE CEO Mike Violette, Ed Rawson, DJ the truck driver, the entire AGNE customer service team and John Beaupre for feeding families in need!

Chef Matthew Crate

Somerset Career & Tech Center

Grub Homecooked Take Out

Owners Jay & Desiree

Chef Heidi Parent

Capital Area Tech Center

Culinary Arts logo.png

Funding & Baking Bread

for Backpacks

Christopher Czarnecki

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph & Tiffany Lopes


Justice Donald Marden

Dr. & Mrs. Janet & David Preston

Skowhegan Savings Bank

Dolphins Swim Team Boosters

Dr. Anna O'Keefe

Richard Giguere/Ware Butler

The Proper Pig

GHM Insurance/Bill Mithcell

Amici's Cucina/Mary Carpinito

Campbell's True Value Hardware

Cindy Caverly

Scott & Stephanie Taylor

Julie Phelps & Michael Scholz

Dr. & Mrs. Larry & Janice Kassman

Marietta Lamarre in Honor of Marie Dodge

Catherine Connoly

Rabbi Rachel Isaacs

in honor of Barbara Jolovitz

Dr. Greg & Linda Feero

Michelle Weeks

Chip & Betty Jane Bessey

Jenny Pisculli in memory of Peter Labbe

Peter Harris

Daniel Shea


Thank you, Andy Noel, The Korner Store and Belanger's Drive-In for supplying one weeks worth of durable goods to support families in need through our Weekend Backpack Program!


Showing up Every Day and Delivering Meals!

Curbside Meals.jpg

Julia Re

Amanda Veilleux

Marilyn Gott

Amy St. Peter

Ben Urbanowski

Justin and Jess Simpson

Martha Farnham

April Taylor

Megan Morrison

Heather Beaster

Brynn Charest

Deb Biche-Labbe

Lou Charland

Serena Ferreira

Janet and Cameron Johnson

Michael Roy

Kristin Shaw

Christie York

Russell Werkman

Joleen Spencer

Brian Bellows

Felicia Lambert

Maureen Trussell

Jordan Shaw

Rebecca Theriault

Alicia Rice

Kate Scott

Mark Puleo

Linda Coelho

Linda Coelho

Candice Parent

Paula Raymond

Brian and Joanna Leard

Nikki Poulin

Brittany Stanley

Kiara Bernadini

Amy Bryant

Angela Miers

Ewan Seabrook

Tom Dexter

Jodi Durocher

Tad Skelley

Tyler Walsh