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Folks Organizing Reform for Queer Spaces

“The FORQS mission is to establish within central Maine schools and the community at large a sense of safety and support for individuals of all gender identities and sexual orientations. We aim to bring education, awareness, and progressive change for queer people through public action and effort.”

This is a description of what FORQS is, what FORQS does, and why FORQS exists. FORQS is a fun group for fun people, and sometimes we have snacks. Most of us enjoy anime, but liking anime is not a requirement for joining the group.

Who we are!

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Messalonskee High School

Why do you do this work? Growing up queer in Maine, I often felt as though there were few role models and little space to meet others in the LGBTQ+ community. With FORQS, I hope to be that role model for young people, help other queer youth and families find supportive environments, and expand LGBTQ+ education to increase inclusivity in the state.




Messalonskee High School

Why do you do this work? I want to help make the community more inclusive and to make queer people feel more secure and safe.

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Waterville Senior High School

Why do you do this work? As a queer person in central Maine I want to continue to grow spaces, resources, and support for queer youth like myself. Education is one of the most impactful and effective tools we have in life. I want everyone to have the same opportunities to learn that I have had.

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Any pronouns

Messalonskee High School

Why do you do this work? I want to make a positive change in the community to involve more inclusivity




AYCC - Advisor

Why do you do this work? As a high school student I worked with different groups on advocating for the legalization of gay marriage in Maine and destigmatizing queer identities in schools. This created the space for me to work through my own identity at a time when I didn't have other spaces to do so.

Trainings & Workshops

FORQS! offers a variety of trainings and workshops that are catered specifically for the audience they are working with. We have run workshops for schools, nonprofit organizations, and churches, and we are always looking for new opportunities to grow awareness and support for LGBTQIA2S+ people across the state.

100% of training costs directly support FORQS! through opportunities for professional development, travel, recruitment, and occasionally snacks. These training costs are also flexible, and we are happy to accommodate to support groups in need who are unable to afford training costs.

Introductory Workshop

Intermediate Workshop

Mentors Workshop


This introductory workshop is for groups that have not had professional development focused on supporting LGBTQIA2S+ people, or have not had training on topics in a few years.

This training includes a dive into queer vocabulary, ways to support gender expansive youth, and more. This training will also be adjusted depending on your group's current understanding of these topics.


This workshop is for organizations that already have an established culture and awareness of supporting LGBTQIA2S+ people and are looking to expand their knowledge through a more comprehensive dive into these topics.

This workshop will work directly with your group to find ways to grow your supports for queer people.


FORQS! members are all high school students with experience advocating for change at their schools, and they understand how difficult it can be to come out, work through figuring out your identity, and starting a culture of advocacy at your school.

This more casual workshop is focused on supporting other youth in gender & sexuality alliances at other middle & high schools, and includes some beginner LGBTQ+ education activities.

Cost: $150

Request a Consultation

Cost: Free


Maine Queer Youth Summit

Trans Day of Visibility

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