Contact: Sheila Upton

Over 50% of our childcare families’ incomes are below the poverty line and 80% of AYCC’s 200 daily youth qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch Programs.


To help combat this, we are proud to introduce the AYCC Greenhouse to Your House Program, our own spin on meal kit delivery.


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Weekly Meal Recipes


The first of many meal boxes provided to childcare families using the GH2YH meal program.

Greenhouse to Your House not only provides a free, healthy, and fresh product to our community to help mitigate food insecurity in the short term, but the kit concept helps create cultural change by defining a new narrative around healthy food and cooking at home with the goal of inspiring families to implement healthier practices in the long term.


The program is available to all ASP kids and families regardless of income. The attractive and desirable fresh food kits will be delivered directly into caretakers’ vehicles during curbside pickup. Recipes, picture cards, and instructions are included with each meal kit.   

A portion of the produce provided in the boxes is grown by AYCC Gardens Coordinator, Mike Owens. He and his team of Volunteers not only prepare and care for the AYCC's Sustainable Gardens, but the children in our childcare program learn to plant and tend to the produce as well. The very best of Farm to Table.

Watch this Greenhouse to Your House video to learn more about ingredients provided in the boxes.


Our first family goes home with a box. The first boxes of food lined up and ready for pick-up.