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How to Participate

PLEDGE - DON'T WANT TO PLUNGE? No problem - DONATE to one of the brave/crazy heroes already registered 
PLUNGE - REGISTER using the QR Code Above, create your personalized page, then share it with everyone you do and don't know to raise pledges.

Single Dip or Build a Team, create a clever name, plan some whacky costumes (be sure to wear a wetsuit underneath if you want to insulate yourself a bit), then SHARE SHARE SHARE to reaise Pledges.

P-DAY/Day of the Plunge - How do I Do This Crazy Thing?

  • Arrive - between 11:30am and 12:00pm and park your vehicle at the Oakland Boat Landing.  A limited number of shuttles will be available to transport you the Pressey House or you can walk - it's just around the corner.

  • Register - come inside the Pressey House and Check-In at the Lounge.  Turn in all the pledges you received off line and grab some FREE SNACKS to fortify yourself for what's about to come!  You will be given the order in which you will plunge and if you need to change you can do so at this time.

  • Plunge - around noon all plungers will line up in order above the water's edge and wait to be introduced and invited to plunge.  You can just dip your toes or go out to the demarcated line and dunk yourself under the water or anything in between.  Teams will go in together.

  • Warm Up - when you get out of the water head to one of our warming tents alongside the Plunge Line and get out of your wet clothes!!  Be sure to bring a towel and dry clothes - including socks and shoes - to change into!  Limited space is also available inside the Pressy House.

  • Awards - Most Money Raised the top Team and Individual will be announced during the Plunge as they are introduced.  

Best Dip(s) and Costume(s) - will be announced and awarded immediately following the Plunge inside Pressey House.

  • Plunge is Done - enjoy the music, the adoring crowd, grab some goodies from the food truck vendor and when you are ready to leave you can walk back to your vehicle or catch one of the limited shuttles available.

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