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RELIVE YOUR YOUTH! Adult Dodgeball Tournament

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Do you dream of diving across the gym floor to make that game winning catch - cradling the hatchmarked red rubber orb in your arms as you slide across the floor to the cheers of the crowd? Come on - who doesn't?

Well then, get your throwing arm warmed up and find 5 to 15 of your best semi-athletic friends to join you this Saturday to compete at the AYC Adult Dodgeball Tournament!


The entrance fee is $120.00 per team and all the proceeds go to fund youth programs at the AYC.

Making Dodgeball Safe for Kids


For all of you who remember getting smacked in the face with that slick rubber ball playing this century old game; rest assured, the game has changed for this generation of kids. Here are seven steps from just one of many websites on how to keep this cherished game safe.

1. Separate players by age, size and/or skill level

2. Use a malleable, lightweight ball like the highly recommended Gator Skin Dodgeballs

3. Enfore the "shoulder and below" rule and eliminate players who hit opponents above the shoulders (no face hits).

4. Always have an adult referree who has the authority to pull over aggressive players out of the game

5. That same referree should also reinforce appropriately thrown hits with a high five and "good job"

6. Require appropriate footwear - sneakers

7. Allow children who feel frightened to step out of the game

(Read more :

Dodgeball Variants


And if traditional dodgeball doesn't do it for you there are countless variations, such as these listed below. To find out how to play each visit this link. My daughters' favorite is Gaga Ball (pictured above) which is played in an enclosed octagon and the ball is thrown or hit below the opponents' knees.

  • 1 Army Dodgeball

  • 2 Bombardment

  • 3 Doctor Dodgeball

  • 4 Ga-ga

  • 5 Protect the Pin

  • 6 Doghouse Dodgeball

  • 7 Trampoline Dodgeball

  • 8 Four Quadrants

  • 9 Poisonball

  • 10 Gauntlet

  • 11 Dodge Football

  • 12 Every Man for Himself / Elimination

  • 13 No Friends

Dodgeball is not just for kids any more; many colleges around the Midwestern US have adopted the game as a club sport and even hold dodgeball tournaments.

In fact, the International Dodge Ball Federation ( is one of the largest organized dodgeball leagues in the world followed by the National Dodgeball Leage ( and the National Amateur Dodgeball Association (

"Go ahead, make your jokes, Mr. Jokey . . ." but me, I'll be front row courtside cheering on my team.


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