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  • Kyle Jordan

1950's Hollywood Glam Charity Ball

Our next major event, hosted by The Charity Ball Committee & AYC Board of Directors is the 1950's Hollywood Glam Charity Ball! An unbelievably exciting evening during which one can regress to a nostalgic state of 50's atmosphere while enjoying a wonderful assortment of auction items.

It goes without saying that a lavish array of food and entertainment will be provided, in addition to the auction; fabulous varieties of food, cocktails to quench one's thirst, and a lively music set from the Jim Ciampi Band to which you can Stroll the night away!

What I find to be most interesting about this event, adding to the already palpable 50's vibes, is the encouragement of costumes to be worn. Although, it is specified they are optional, go ahead and liave it up - put one one on to slather the atmospheric icing on the cake.

So, please, come enjoy an evening full of lively entertainment, pleasant 50's vibes, and good company!

All proceeds benefit our community's youth by providing scholarships for deserving children in our After School Program, Kid's Kitchen, Summer Enrichment Program & Camp Tracy Programs.

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