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  • Kyle Jordan

Introduction & AYC First Impressions

Hello all! My name is Kyle Jordan and as of September 28th I have officially signed on as an intern for the Alfond Youth Center, acting as a general IT support technician, assistant website manager, and blog reporter. I'm extremely excited to begin work, especially on the website and blog portion, to further my website design and writing skills. My future aspirations are to become a self-employed web designer so this will prove very helpful in developing my abilities and skills.

My first impressions of the facility, staff, and intern requirements are really wonderful. As I was guided around the facility, I was greeted with pleasant smiles and demeanors that invited my comfort, which for me personally is very refreshing in a work environment. Needless to say, I am extremely excited to be a part of the AYC team, further my knowledge in regards to my future aspirations, and hopefully establish a permanent presence here at the AYC!

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