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  • Kyle Jordan

AYC Scandal Ring

Have you got dirt on someone? The type of information that you could use to your advantage? Well you're in luck pals and gals. The AYC Scandal Rag at the Charity Ball purchases dirt on people that you have to sell. Get the offender(s) names(s) & their associated scandal plastered on the big screen for everyone to see!

Listed below are the prices to toss someone and their scandal up on the big screen. But, of course, the mis-behavers will have the option to pay the Editor to remove their names .

- $20 1-Person (Feeds a child in After School Program for 2 weeks)

- $50 2-Person (Feeds a child in After School Program for 4 weeks)

- $100 3-Person (Sends a child to Camp for 1 week)

Sample Scandals:

- 1 Person:

- Drunk and Disorderly

- Tricking

- Caught in the Cat House

- Showing off the Goods in Public

- 2 Person:

- Expecting a Love Child

- Stepping Out-Infidelity

- Skinny Dipping in Johnson Pond

- 3 Person:

- Love Triangle

- Bank Robbery Gang

- Gambling Ring

- Fixing Votes

And again, all proceeds benefit our community's youth by providing scholarships for deserving children in our After School Program, Kid's Kitchen, Summer Enrichment Program & Camp Tracy Programs.

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