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Halloween & Thanksgiving!

As Halloween steadily approaches so does the date for the Pre-K Halloween Parade at the Alfond Youth Center! The parade will be held in our facilities on October 31st @ 10am. Parents are welcome to come watch their cuties showing off those great costumes and reap the healthy Treats rewards!

Before taking your child trick or treating, it's important to remember some basic tips and tricks that make the experience more enjoyable and safe.

- Children should always go out accompanied by an adult. If there are a group of kids

or children, assign a small group of parents to accompany them.

- Plan a route ahead of time to ensure that older kids' whereabouts are known at all

times. Set a time for them to return home at. The benefits of a route also helps to

organize the entire evening.

- Ensure that children do not take back roads, alleys, short cuts through

unsupervised areas and explain to them why it is important to remain with the

adults overseeing them or their group.

- Inform children to wait to eat candy until they get home and adults can verify the

contents are safe to consume.

- Children should never enter the home of an adult or get into their car.

- Provide your child with a flash light, glow sticks, or even some form of reflective

tape to ensure that they are visible, especially to cars.

- Always instruct children to stay within their groups!

For more information visit:

PLEASE SEND US PICTURES of your children's costumes to: (my email) so we can showcase your hard work in the blog!

Looking ahead, make sure to mark your calendars for the FREE community Thanksgiving Dinner on Wednesday, November 16. More to follow!

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