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Thanksgiving Crafts

Teaching your kids the importance of giving thanks and learning how to do that during the holidays is the most important part of the season. There are a variety of ways to teach kids how to show someone you are thankful, what being thankful truly means, and what to be thankful for.

Below are some cute crafts and projects to introduce the topic of thanks that encourage creativity and spending quality time together.

Postcards of Thanks: Sending post cards in the words of what your child is thankful for can be great family gifts during the holidays. Cute designs will help encourage creativity.

Thanks Calendar: Create a calendar of one note card per day for each day of the month with a reason or topic to be thankful for on the back. This also teaches calendar use and keeps displayed the many reasons to give thanks.

Jar of Thanks: Fill a glass jar with colorful post-it notes. Each day you and your child go to the jar to choose a note and write or draw the thing for your are most thankful that day. The post-its can then be hung along the wall surrounding the jar.

Find more crafts and ideas here:

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