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Brenna Saucier

Swim Lesson Coordinator

207-873-0684 x230

Our certified instructors are passionate about ensuring a safe and enjoyable learning environment. From mastering basic water entry and exit techniques to building strong floating and treading skills, our lessons empower swimmers with the knowledge and abilities they need to navigate the water with confidence.

Our instructors each hold valid First Aid, CPR, Lifeguard and Lifeguard Instructor certifications. The AYCC follows the YMCA of the USA swim lesson guidelines.

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Current Session Info

Fall I Session runs September 5-October 21

Lessons are once per week for 7 weeks


August 14 - Opens AYCC Members & Currently Enrolled

August 21 - Open to public & Online registration

Financial Assistance is available for swim lessons.


FMI contact Swim Lesson Coordinator,

Brenna Saucier

at  207-873-0684 x 217

Session Dates 2022-2023

Fall I - Sept 5 - Oct 21

Fall II - Oct 30-Dec 16

Winter - Jan 2-Feb 17

Spring I - Feb 26-Apr 13

Spring II - Apr 22-Jun 8

Summer - Jun 17-Aug 9

Group Session Fees

AYCC Members $70.00/person

Community/Non-Members  $85.00/person

Lesson Details/Descriptions

TEEN & ADULT LESSONS - With grant funding, through Y-USA, the AYCC is able to offer free teen & adult lessons for the Fall Session!


Teen      30 minute class   ages 13-18 (twice per week - Sept 5-28)

Adult     30 minute class  ages 19+ (once per week - Sept 5-Oct 21)

Students learn and practice water safety skills, basic swim strokes and various self-rescue skills with assistance from the instructor. This class is designed for Teens or Adults who are looking to learn how to swim and become more comfortable in the water.

Parent & Child Lessons


Parent & Child I              30 minute class   ages 6 months - 3 years

Parents accompany children in this state, which safely introduces infants & toddlers to the aquatic environment through exploration. This class encourages families to enjoy themselves while learning about the water.

Youth Lessons

Pre K                      30 minute class    ages 3-5 years

Children learn personal water safety essentials. Swim-ready techniques and underwater exploration are achieved with instructor assistance. Parents do not accompany children in the water at this stage.

Level 1                   30 minute class     ages 5+

Children are acclimated to the aquatic environment. This class teaches them to safely glide, float, submerge, and enter/exit pools and to float independently, while having fun with instructor assistance.

Level 2                  30 minute class     ages 6+

Review of introductory skills while learning to swim on their front and backs through basic swimming motions        upwards of 10 feet without assistance occur at this level. With instructor assistance, swimmers will learn to perform the swim, float, swim sequence and focus on safety, while practicing skills.

Level 3                  30 minute class     ages 6+

Skills include learning how to build water stamina by swimming on their front and back for 25 yards continuously.   Intermediate self-rescue skills are taught, along with rhythmic breathing during forward swimming.

Level 4                  30 minute class     ages 6+

Introduction to the four basic competitive strokes, including skill development in freestyle (front crawl), backstroke (back crawl) and introduction to the breaststroke and butterfly kick. Swimmers will learn how to swim continuous 25-yard patterns of different strokes as well as treading water for 1 minute independently. Swimmers will also learn    kneeling dives.

Level 5/6              30 minute class     ages 6+

Swimmers will progress to standing dives and 50-yard stroke patterns while refining strokes from Level 4. Swimmers will combine advanced kicking patterns to develop the breast and butterfly strokes to completion as well as              continuing to build endurance and stamina in the water to continuously swim all four competitive strokes for 100 yards.

Homeschool        30 minute class     ages 5+

Designed specifically for children who are homeschooled. This class is for all ability levels and qualifies as a Physical Education requirement.

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