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Please consider including the Boys & Girls Clubs and YMCA during your estate planning as we head into our 91st year. Becoming a member of the Alfond Youth & Community Center’s Founders Club by including the AYCC in your Estate Plan and Will ensures on-going support to our worthy cause, provides services to our youth and family members into the future, and provides benefits to you today by planning income to your heirs along with your charitable gift.  It will be an honor to have you as part of our Founders Club as we continue to create opportunities for children now and into the future.  Please consider a legacy gift today and join the over 90 members that have already made the commitment.

What is Planned Giving?


Planned giving is the integration of personal, financial and estate planning goals with lifetime or testamentary giving; an opportunity for charitable giving in circumstances that may not otherwise allow a donor to make a gift to charity.  Below is a brief outline of the types and benefits of giving.

Founders Club Giving Table.png









Founders Club Sign 36_Page_1_edited.jpg
Founders Club Sign 36_Page_1.jpg

Harold & Bibby Alfond

Andrew Armstrong

Barbara Atkins

Dr. & Mrs. George Averill

Chester Baker

Dr. Benjamin Barlock

Will Barlock

John & Tracy Beaupre

Carl Beck

Dr. Paul Berkner & Michaela Murphy

Brian & Amy Bernatchez

Joan Besse

Daniel & Jane Bickford

Reginald 7 Dollis Bizier

Marjorie Bond

Alfred J. & Kay Boucher

Paul & Lucille Boudreau

William Bowden

John Brier—Katie Jane Rocks

Judith Brody

Scott & Trish Bullock

Brent & Michael Burger-Roy

Tony & Kelly Couture

Steve & Allison Crate

Dr. Russell Dejong

Joanna Dennis

Karl & Jane Dornish

Daniel & Diane Dubord

John Ernst

Dr. Edmund & Hillary Ervin

David Eskelund

Donald Eskelund

Rick Eskelund

Dr. Kenneth & Mrs. Shirley Eskelund

Stanley Field Marr

Tom Fitzgerald Fund

Glenn E. & Barbara W. Fitzpatrick

Kim Fleming & Mark Bulmer

Chris & Linanne Gaunce

Michael & Nancy Gallagher

Charlie Giguere

Chris and Hope Green

Drs. Michael and Margaret Griffin

Patrick & Kristina Guerette

Cliff & Dale Hannon

Everret B. & Cora Harris

Katherine Harvey

Ray Haskell

Allen Hawes

Chuck & Maria Hays

Nancy Hill

Rudy Hikle

Dr. & Mrs. Jerald and Claritza Hurdle

The Isenberg Family

George and Beth Jabar

Joseph & Renee Jabar, Sr.

John P. & Margaret Jabar

John Jabar Family Gift

Christine Johnson

Lester & Barbara Jolovitz

Lester T. Jolovitz Camp Tracy Scholarships

Herb Joseph, Jr.

John D. Joseph

Kevin Joseph / James Paul

Dr. Larry & Janice Kassman

Brian & Jennifer Kelly

George Keller Scholarship Fund

Thomas Kopp Campership Fund

Michael & Debra Koziol

Bruce & Felicia Lambert

Bert & Sarah Languet

Michael Lansky - thanks to support from

     John & Mark Nale

Brian LeComte & Susan Alfred

Michael & Debbie Levenseller

Dr. Thomas & Cynthia Longstaff

Deaton & Lynne Love

Peter & Paula Lunder

Mechanical Services

Don & Ann Marden

Dr. John & Holly Margolis

Ann Mitchell

Bill & Vicki Mitchell

Robert & Judy Mitchell

Janet Mitchell Kid’s Kitchen Fund

Paul & Yvette Mitchell

Prinella & John “Swisher” Mitchell

Senator George Mitchell

Phillip Morse

Thomas Munson

Lawrence & Helen Murphy

Fred Murray

John & Lucinda Nale

Mark & Laurie Nale

Paul & Germaine Orloff Scholarships

John & Kath Osbourne

Charles Owen

Paul  & Marilyn  Paganucci Award

Fran & Joyce Purnell

Joseph & Susan Reisert

Phil Roy

Michael Runser

Sacred Heart  - Sharon & Dave Roy

Mitch & Bonnie Sammons

Len & Shirley Saulter

Tobi Schneider

Samuel Shapiro

Ted Shiro Basketball Scholarship Fund

Lillian Stanhope

Charles Stevens Estate

Doug & Rita Sukeforth

Robert Taylor

Jerry & Betsy Tipper

Evelyn  Hanscom Towne

Basil Hanscom Scholarship Fund

Dr. John & Mrs. Connie Towne

The Tracy Family

John Trinward Basketball Scholarship

Ken & Suzanne Walsh

James B. Walsh in honor of

     Theresa M Walsh

Theresa M. Walsh Memorial Fund

Bruce & Doreen White

Dr. John Winkin Afterschool Program

Drs. Jim & Barbara Woodlee


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