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Dive into the world of aquatic fun and fitness with our wide range of offerings. Whether you’re looking to master the art of swimming, join a competitive swim team, enjoy invigorating water aerobics, play in the pool with your children, or host a birthday party, we have something for everyone. Our experienced instructors, and certified Lifeguards and quality facilities will ensure a safe and experience for all ages and skill levels. Join us today!

Our Lap Pool is open to lap swimming, and water aerobics, and is the competition home of the AYCC Adult Masters Swim Program and the Mid-Maine Dolphins Swim Team.

Our Therapy Pool hosts open swims, most lessons, and other therapeutic swim options.

Pool Schedule

The Spring Schedule is effective May 6, 2024.

Member & Guest Details


All AYCC Memberships include access to open swims, and water aerobic classes at no additional cost. Youth & Teen Memberships only include access for the individual who has the active membership. Adults/Seniors will pay a Guest Fee to access the pool with the child.

Guest Fees

  • Seniors (ages 55+) $5.00/person
  • Adults (ages 19-54) $8.00/person
  • Youth (birth-18) $4.00/person

Swim Lessons, parties, rentals, Adult Masters Swim, Mid-Maine Dolphins Swim Team, and American Red Cross Certifications have additional costs. Financial assistance is available for swim lessons and the swim team through our Affordable Access Program.

Swim Lessons

Youth & Adult Swim Lessons
Youth & Adult Swim Lessons

Our certified instructors are passionate about ensuring a safe and enjoyable learning environment. From masterig basic water entry and exit techniques to building strong floating and treading skills, our lessons empower swimmers with the knowledge and abilities they need to navigate the water with confidence.

Our instructors each hold valid First Aid, CPR, Lifeguard, and Lifeguard Instructor certifications. The AYCC follows the YMCA of the USA swim lesson guidelines.

Current Session Info
  • Spring II – April 22-June 8
  • Summer – June 17-August 9
Group Session Fees

Our lessons are held once per week for 7 weeks.

  • AYCC Members $70.00/person
  • Community/Non-Members $85.00/person
Private Lessons Available

Contact Brenna Saucier at 207-873-0684 x217


Register Financial Assistance Current Schedule

Open Swims

Adult Water Fitness Classes

All instructors carry First Aid, CPR, and Lifeguard Certifications. Participants are expected to follow along with the instruction as physically allowed. These classes are typically for ages 18+.

Aqua Fitness

Specifically designed to gently stretch and move every muscle and joint. This low-tempo activity is perfect for anyone with joint or other chronic issues (arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc.). This is our low-impact option.

Water Aerobics I & Water Aerobics II

Our Water Aerobics classes are a moderate to high intensity aerobics class. Each participant will warm up, stretch, and perform a number of aerobic activities, and a cool down.



Lap, Therapy & Family Open Swim
Lap, Therapy & Family Open Swim

Lap Swim 

Lap Swim is for older youth through adults and specifically for swimming laps in the Large Pool. Youth who swim competitively are welcome to swim during this time.

Therapy Swim 

Held in the Small Therapy Pool, this time is for people of all ages, who have therapeutic needs such as Fibromyalgia, arthritis, debilitating diseases, and or injury/surgery recovery.

Family Swim

Held mostly in the Therapy Pool, this open pool time is for all ages and is a family-friendly time for all to swim and play.


Swim Teams

AYCC Adult Masters Swim

Masters swimming is an adult group program that allows adults of all swimming abilities to be coached by our experienced staff. Individuals interested in participating in this program should be able to confidently swim laps.

For each practice, there will be three sections:

  • Social & Active -individuals looing for a group swimming environment with some basic exercise.
  • Training – individuals looking for specialized training or non-competitive workous. This section is for triathletes, or competitive swimmers.
  • Competitive – individuals looking for competition in swim meet settings.
  • Begins June 3
  • Ages 18+
  • Practice Days & Times
    • Mondays 6:00-7:00 pm
    • Wednesdays 6:00-7:00 pm
    • Fridays – 7:00-8:00 am
  • Guest Fees
    • Members $5.00/practice
    • Non-Members $10/practice
  • Package Options
    • Members – 10 practices for $45.00
    • Non-Members – 10 practices $90.00



Mid-Maine Dolphins Swim Team
Mid-Maine Dolphins Swim Team

Explore the Mid-Maine Dolphins Swim Team (MMD), where aquatic excellence meets community spirit! Join our inclusive program designed for youth swimmers of all abilities. Dive into top-tier coaching, skill development, and competitive opportunities, all while fostering teamwork and sportsmanship. Discover the perfect blend of fitness, fun, and friendship with the MMD Swim Team today!

The MMD team is located in Waterville, Maine, and is a YMCA/USA Swim Team for ages 6-18.  They compete regionally and nationally against other YMCA and USA swim teams.

Our Mission – To provide swimmers of all backgrounds a productive learning environment that empowers athletes to build confidence and helps them acquire the skills needed to achieve their fullest potential in and out of the water.

Our Philosophy – Our team is lead by an energetic coaching staff that is dedicated to providing a safe and competitive atmosphere to help swimmers achieve their goals.

Our Values – Working hard, Respect, Having Fun, Accountability, Community

We emphasize a competitive atmosphere where swimmers also hold true to the exemplary values of role-model athletes. From Jr. Dolphins to our Platinum swimmers, our team builds strong athletes and lifelong relationships.

MMD Season Info

Regular Season – September through mid-March

Summer Season – May 6 through mid-July

Website Register

MMD Registration Info
Membership Requirement

Each swimmer must hold an active AYCC Membership throughout the season.

Payment Options

Full Season Pay – requires full payment for the season and is due at the time of registration.

Monthly Payment Option – payments may be split monthly automatic draft during the season. A small convenience fee is added to this option and it requires a financial agreement for processing.

Financial Assistance – is available on all MMD swim options through our Affordable Access Program.


Any newcomers to the team may attend one of the tryout dates and teams before the season. Anyone wishing to join during the season should contact Coach Colin Reeve to schedule a tryout. Coach Colin can be reached at 207-873-0684 or by email at

Registration Options

Registration must be completed before the swimmer enters the pool for practices and/or meets. Financial assistance is available through our Affordable Access Program. Registration can be completed in the following ways:

  1. Online
  2. In person at the AYCC
  3. By phone at 207-873-0684
MMD Swim Levels

Bronze – this group is for new and experienced younger swimmers who can successfully swim at least two competitive swim strokes. Before joining the Bronze Dolphins, swimmers should be able to swim 50 yds freestyle, 25 yds backstroke, and have the endurance for the 45 min practice. This group will learn drills, and stroke techniques for the four competitive swim strokes (freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke), starts, and turns. Swimmers in this group also learn the skills necessary to compete in swimming, such as working with teammates, following directions, and listening to coaches. They will also start learning how to use the pace clock. To move up they need to have 3 legal strokes and demonstrate they have the maturity and motivation to advance to silver.

(Recommended Ages 6-9)

Silver – Silver practice is for new and experienced swimmers who can successfully swim at least three competitive strokes and will continue to develop higher-level swimming skills in all strokes, racing dives and turns. Swimmers also learn the skills necessary to compete in competitive swimming, such as working with teammates, following directions, listening to coaches, using a pace clock, and racing strategies. Even though this group will primarily focus on technique, swimmers should also be prepared to learn about endurance and race pace training. Swimmers in the Silver group are expected to display an elevated level of maturity both in practice and at meets.

(Recommended ages 8-12)


The Gold Group is for swimmers who have experience participating on a team and competing at swim meets. Swimmers in this group should be able to successfully swim all 4 competitive strokes as well as having good start and turn technique. A willingness to accept higher levels of swim training and challenges is also necessary for swimmers in this group. Before joining Gold, swimmers must be able to successfully read a pace clock, demonstrate motivation for competing and improving, as well as have the endurance to swim an unbroken 300 yd freestyle and 200 IM. In this group we will focus on fine tuning technique, meet/race strategy, increase intensity, increase yardage, use video footage and introduce dryland. The Goal of this group is to develop competitive athletes and lay the foundation for mindful swimming.

(Recommended ages 10-13)


The Platinum group is the highest level for the Mid-Maine Dolphin program. Swimmers in this group are expected to set realistic goals based on time standards and work to attain them, demonstrate MMD Handbook p.7 time management, maturity, and a commitment to training. Platinum swimmers are expected to attend all practices, within reason, as well as attend the YMCA championship State Meet at the end of the season. Platinum swimmers are strongly encouraged to be a member of USA swimming and compete at USA swim meets. Platinum swimmers are expected to take on leadership and mentorship roles for younger swimmers on the team while holding themselves to a higher standard. At this level all swimmers are able to do all strokes and have an idea as to what their events are. This will allow for more specific training for those events. Practice yardage and intensity will be increased from gold. Dryland will be incorporated in practices. As well as going over video footage from practice and meets.

(Ages 10-18)

Team Questions 

Team Questions – Contact Coach Colin Reeve –

All groups focus on having fun in a competitive atmosphere, building stamina and endurance, stroke technique, race strategy, and being part of a healthy team. All swimmers are encouraged to compete in YMCA swim meets.

Coach Colin will assign your athlete to a practice group based on their swimming ability. If you do not know what practice group your athlete is in, please contact Coach Colin.

Coach Info
Coach Info

Meet Coach Colin Reeve!