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Join a community of like-minded individuals on your path to a stronger, happier, healthier you! 

Our state-of-the-art facility was built in 2020 through the Peter G. Alfond Pathway to Wellness Endowment Fund. All levels of fitness enthusiasts are sure to find what works and stay committed to a dynamic routine with our wide variety of spaces, classes, and equipment. Whether you are looking to build strength, enhance cardiovascular health, or simply enjoy a rejuvenating exercise routine, we have the tools and expertise to guide you.  

Our experienced Certified Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors provide personalized guidance in a supportive environment where you can thrive. Unleash your potential, connect with others, and embrace a lifestyle of wellness at the AYCC!  


Monday-Friday 5:00 am-9:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday 7:00 am-7:00 pm

Day Passes

$4.00/Teens, ages 13-18

$8.00/Adults, ages 19-54

$5.00/Seniors, ages 55+

Child Watch

Discover a piece of mind with our Child Watch service. This free-to-members program is designed to keep your little ones safe and secure while you take time for yourself; whether it be by participating in a group fitness class, hitting the weights, or swimming a laps in the pool. Our attentive staff are certified in CPR and First-Aid, and many also work in our licensed childcare sites which require ongoing professional early childhood training.  

  • Included in AYCC Adult, Senior, and Family Memberships 
  • Reservations are required 24 hours in advance by calling the Welcome Center at 207-873-0684 
  • Hours 
    • Mon-Fri 9:00-11:00 am 
    • Mon-Fri 4:00-7:00 pm 
    • Sat 8:00 am-12:00 pm 

Welcome to our awesome main fitness center on the second floor, overlooking the Messalonskee Stream!

Age Restrictions

  • Ages 13-18 – after completion of Fitness Equipment Orientation with Teen, Family Membership, or guest fee
  • Ages 19+ – Fitness Equipment Orientation recommended with Student, Adult, Senior, Family Membership or guest fee


  • Adjustable benches
  • ARC Trainers (2)
  • Cable towers (2)
  • Dumbells, free weights, Bosu Ball, medicine balls, bands, foam rollers, mats, and kettle bells
  • Elliptical (3)
  • Free weights (1-10lbs)
  • Massage chair (sign out at the Wellness Desk)
  • Recumbent bikes (2)
  • Sectorized equipment for all major muscle groups
  • Spin bikes (8)
  • Stair Masters (2)
  • Treadmills (8)
  • Upright bikes (4)
  • Water rower

The AYCC is pleased to offer complimentary fitness equipment orientations to all new members. Orientation sessions last approximately 30 minutes and provide members with the basics of equipment use. Learn how to change settings on the machines, seat height and weight selections on the machines so you are set up for success. Staff members will also show you the proper form to use for each machine. Our Wellness Desk Representatives are happy to assist you with additional questions or issues.  Teens are required to have a Fitness Equipment Orientation prior to utilizing any of the Wellness areas/equipment.

Want tailored workouts for yourself, book a one-hour personal training session or a package of sessions with one of our Certified Personal Trainers. Call 207-873-0684 or email for more information. 

  • Hours
    • Monday-Friday 5:00 am-9:00 pm
    • Saturday & Sunday 7:00 am-7:00 ppm
  • Fitness Center access is included in Teen, Student, Adult, Senior, and Family memberships for ages 13+
  • Fitness areas are for members only, ages 13 and up.  
  • Teens must have a valid Teen or Family Membership and have gone through a Fitness Equipment Orientation before using any of the spaces on their own.  
  • Youth under age 13 are permitted in/on the Indoor Track, Gyms, and Gronk Zone only with a parent/guardian’s immediate supervision.  
  • Clean, closed-toed shoes are required. 
  • Glass bottles/containers are not permitted. 

Named for the famous Gronkowski family, this space on the first floor features multiple pieces of fitness and a turf floor for agility workouts.

General Rules

  • Ages 6-12 with ADULT SUPERVISION or as part of a class
  • Ages 13-18 – after completion of Fitness Equipment Orientation
  • Ages 19+
  • Space is free to use when not being utilized for a class.


  • Battle ropes
  • Boxing gloves with target mitts
  • Dumbells (1-25 lb options)
  • Giant tractor tire
  • Kettle bells (8-44 lb options)
  • Medicine balls, sand balls, sand bag
  • Plyo boxes (3 of various heights)
  • Push sled
  • Spin bikes (3)
  • Smith machine
  • Synergy 180
  • TRX suspension straps
  • Turf floor
  • Water rowers (2)
  • Wave Master punching bag

One of our favorite spaces in the building is our Group Fitness Studio. This space is known for its calming vibe and gorgeous views can be seen from the large windows which overlook the Messalonskee Stream.

General Rules

  • Ages 13-18 with Teen or Family Membership
  • Ages 19+ with Student, Adult, Senior, or Family Membership
  • Space is free to use when not being utilized for a class.


Image courtesy of Harriman Architects

Whether you’re training for a marathon or seeking a convenient and accessible space for daily exercise, our indoor track offers a versatile and welcoming track that accommodates your pace and aspirations. Embrace the joy of indoor running, rain or shine, and elevate your fitness journey on our dedicated and well-maintained track. Each lap is 1/6 of a mile.  

Our triple gymnasium plays host to a variety of activities like open gym, youth rec programs, childcare play, adult basketball, volleyball, pickleball, and more.  

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Rules on the Track

  • Ages 12 & under – requires adult supervision at all times with Family Membership or guest fee
  • Open to ages 13+ with Teen, Student, Adult, Senior, or Family Memberships or guest fee
  • Guest fee $4.00/child; $5.00/senior; $8.00/adults
  • Strollers, walkers, and wheelchairs are allowed
  • Clean indoor-only shoes preferred
  • WALKING – inside lane
  • Passing/Running – outside lane
  • Direction of traffic reverses every other day

Amenities on the Track

  • Hand krank bike
  • Spin bike (2)
  • Table & chairs

This first floor space is a quiet space for weightlifting.

General Rules

  • Ages 13-18 – after completion of Fitness Equipment Orientation – included in Teen, Student, Adult, Senior & Family Memberships or with guest fee
  • Ages 19+ – included in membership or with guest fee
  • Space is free to use when not being utilized for a class.


  • Dumbells (5-75 lb options)
  • Hammer-strength squat racks with safety bars (2)
  • Kettlebells (8-61 lb options)
  • Linear leg press
  • Smith machine
  • Weight bench (3)

Alleviate tension and stress from head to toe! Treat yourself to massages with adjustable intensity and targeted areas to unwind the body and mind. Enjoy a beautiful view overlooking the Messalonskee Stream while you escape. The chair is located in the main fitness center area on the second floor.

Sign up for 30 minute sessions with the Wellness Desk staff.

Our Certified Nutrition Coach and Certified Personal Trainers will design a program to meet your unique needs and goals. Whether you are aiming for weight management, muscle gain, or overall well-being, our experts will guide you through a plan that suits your lifestyle and aspirations. Book your session today by calling 207-873-0684 or emailing our Wellness Team!


Our pools offer a refreshing and low-impact environment, providing the perfect setting for a full-body workout. Immerse yourself in the resistance of the water, amplifying the effectiveness of every movement while being gentle on joints. Whether you’re looking to enhance endurance, build strength, or simply enjoy a dynamic exercise routine, our pools cater to all fitness levels. Elevate your fitness routine, make a splash, and dive into a healthier, more enjoyable way to stay active with Lap or Therapy Swim or even Water Aerobics.  

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Red light therapy is used to rejuvenate the cells and jumpstart the body. The use of red light helps to recharge the cells in the body and help convert that into energy. Red light therapy has been proven to assist with wrinkles, age spots, collagen production, muscle recovery, and overall energy increases. The need for indoor sunlight replacement has never been as important as it is now.  

Low-level lasers that deliver red and near-infrared light to areas of your body. This helps regenerate cells, restore cell functions, and triggers blood flow. Rejuvenating and invigorating. 

  • Free for AYCC Members
  • $8.00/session for Non Members/Community Members
Red Light
  • 20 minute sessions
  • 2 light intensity levels

Low-level lasers that deliver red and near-infrared light to areas of your body. This helps regenerate cells, restore cell functions, and triggers blood flow. Rejuvinating and invigorating.


  • Improves wound healing
  • Counteracts Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder
  • Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots
  • Improves sun-damaged skin
  • Helps remove acne
  • Counteracts with blue light
  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces anxiety and depression
  • And helps with muscle, tendon, and joint pain
General Info
  • Red Light use is included in memberships.
  • Guest fees are $5.00/seniors or $8.00/adults
  • Please bring sun goggles or sunglasses.
  • Users are asked to sanitize the equipment before and after use.
  • Time slots of up to 30-minute increments must be booked with the Welcome Center.

Our online fitness portal is open! Free online classes, nutrition information, and other informational videos are available to Members from the convenience of your own home. Just use your barcode to login! 

Virtual AYCC info

Here at the AYCC, our community partners, MaineGeneral Peter Alfond Prevention & Healthy Living offer a variety of services for AYCC Members and the community.  

Whether you’re looking for information or programs that can help you live healthier or manage a health condition, we invite you to explore their resources and interactive programs. MaineGeneral may be reached at 207-872-4102 or toll-free at 1-855-464-4463 for questions or more information.

Services at the AYCC  are included in AYCC Memberships: 

  • Sports Medicine 
  • Specializing in the care, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of common sports-related injuries to athletes and individuals of all ages. 
  • On-site services are available by drop-in or by appointment. Contact Rich Garini at 207-242-62047 or email 
  • Classes 
  • Physical Movement 
  • Healthy Mind & Body 
  • Healthy Cooking & Eating 


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