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Martial Arts

At Club “NAHA” Karate-Do, our goal is to inspire and enable our students through karate training to realize their full potential as productive, responsible, and caring individuals. Club NAHA Karate-Do strengthens the spirit, mind, and body by providing a positive karate dojo environment that focuses on caring, confidence, honesty, leadership, respect, and responsibility. We offer capoeira, jujitsu, and karate classes with a variety of options for youth through adults, and lessons are offered in 7-week sessions.

Club “NAHA” Karate-Do is predominantly the style of Shudokan Karate, which is usually divided into three parts: kihon (basics), kata (forms or patterns of moves), and kumite (sparring). Techniques in kihon and kata are characterized by deep, long stances that provide stability, enable powerful movements, and strengthen the legs. Shudokan is regarded as a dynamic martial art as it develops anaerobic, powerful techniques as well as developing speed. Initially, strength and power are demonstrated instead of slower, more flowing motions. Those who progress to brown and black belt levels develop a much more fluid style that incorporates grappling and some jujitsu-like techniques, which can be found in the black belt kata. Kumite (fighting) techniques are practiced in the kihon and kata and developed from basic to advanced levels with an opponent.

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Schedules & Information
Clinics & Seminars
June Seminars
  • Tuesday, June 11
    • Pinan Sandan – 4:40 pm – for green belts & higher
    • Pinan Yondan – 5:40 pm – for blue belts & higher
  • Wednesday, June 12
    • Kyoku Nidan – 4:40 pm – for green belts & higher
    • Kyoku Sandan – 5:40 pm – for blue belts & higher
  • Thursday, June 13
    • Kyoku Yondan – 4:40 pm – for brown belts & higher

Seminar Details:

  • $30.00 per student & per seminar
  • For CURRENT Club “Naha” Karate-Do students
  • Register in person, by phone at 207-873-0684 or online

The Spring II Session will end June 8.

The Summer Session will run June 17-August 3

Spring II Schedule

Summer Schedule


June 3 – registration opens for AYCC Members and currently enrolled students

June 10 – registration opens online

Other Information

  • Gear:
    • Students must change into their karate uniform prior to arriving for class and belt must be tied appropriately prior to entering the dojo.
    • New students to class should wear a t-shirt and lightweight pants that allow for flexibility. Appropriate uniforms are required prior to the 3rd week of the session.
    • Uniforms and other gear are purchased at the Welcome Center, and picked up with receipt with Renshi Craig Sargent.
  • Viewing Area Access: Spectators may sit or stand in the viewing room to watch class, but should not interrupt instruction.

The AYCC offers three simple ways to register for our 7-week sessions.

  1. Call the Welcome Center at 207-873-0684.
  2. In person with the Welcome Center.
  3. Online

Financial Assistance is available on most martial arts programs.

Spring Karate Seminars


Yosno Kata Seminar

Date: May 8th

Time: 5:40 pm

Content: Yosno Kata

Target Audience: White belts and higher

Hiji Ate Goho, Empi Take, and Empi Iwa Seminar

Date: May 15th

Time: 5:40 pm

Content: Hiji Ate Goho, Empi Take, Empi Iwa

Target Audience: Yellow belts and higher

Pinan Nidan and Pinan Sandan Seminar

Date: June 5th

Time: 5:40 pm

Content: Pinan Nidan, Pinan Sandan

Target Audience: Orange belts and higher

Club Naha International Karate Camp

Train all week with Renshi Craig, PLUS Shihan Javier Diaz and Renshi Fernando Diaz from Club Naha Mexico! They will also have guest instructors from their dojo in Mexico – a fun filled, intense-training filled week!


  • August 5-9 from 9:00 am-3:00 pm
  • Fees
    • $165.00/week per student
    • $45.00/day per student
    • Additional youth in the same home = $100.00/week per student
  • For CURRENT Club “Naha” Karate-Do students
  • Ages 8+
  • Register in person, by phone at 207-873-0684 or online
  • Flyer & form

Pictured left to right:  Shihan Javier Diaz, Sensei Kira Buker, and Renshi Craig Sargent

Elm City Karate Challenge

Saturday, April 20 at the AYCC

Registration begins at 7:30 am

Tournament begins at 9:00 am.

Events Include:

  • Flag Sparring
  • Kata
  • Point Sparring
  • Weapons
  • PLUS – Grand Championship Divisions


Pre-Registration (before April 19)

  • $55.00/all events
  • $30.00/Black Belts who assist with event judging

Registration April 20

  • $65.00/all events
  • $35.00/Black Belts who assist with event judging

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April Vacation Karate Camp

April Vacation is almost here and Club “Naha” Karate-Do is excited for the return of the ever-popular, April Karate Camp!


  • April 15-19 from 9:00 am-3:00 pm
  • Fees
    • $165.00/week per student
    • $45.00/day per student
    • Additional youth in the same home = $100.00/week per student
  • For CURRENT Club “Naha” Karate-Do students
  • Ages 7-17
  • Before & After Care is available in the After School Program
    • Open 7:00 am-5:30 pm
    • Seperate registration is required.
    • $5.00/day
  • Register in person, by phone at 207-873-0684 or online
Renshi Craig Sargent
Renshi Craig Sargent

Head Karate Instructor


Private Lessons with Renshi Craig

Help send Renshi Craig to the 2024 Toyama Kai Joint Training in Japan!

Fee is by donation (minimum of $30.00)

About Renshi Craig: Discover the art of karate with Renshi Craig, a Rokudan (6th Degree
Black Belt) in Shudokan and Hensan Ryu Karate. Trained since 1992, he brings expertise
from mentors worldwide.

Global Recognition: A member of the International Shudokan Research Society, Renshi
Craig is featured in “The World’s Greatest” for his exceptional martial arts contributions.

Private Lessons Fundraiser: Support Renshi Craig’s dream to train in Japan! Enjoy
exclusive half-hour private lessons by donation. Limited slots available.
Email Renshi to schedule.

Elm City Karate Challenge

Returns April 2025

Club Naha Karate-Do Presents the Elm City Karate Challenge held right here at the AYCC.

Martial Artists from around New England will compete in Kata, Point Sparring, Flag Sparring, and Weapons

Tournament Fees:

Pre-Registration by April

  •  $xx.00 per athlete
  • $xx.00 for black belts who volunteer with judging during the event

Registration at the Door

  • $xx.00
  • $xx.00 for black belts who volunteer with judging during the event