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Becoming part of the Alfond Youth & Community Center means more than just purchasing a membership to a gym. We are proud to have built a community with our friends, neighbors, and partners from Kennebec & Somerset Counties.

The AYCC offers a wide variety of programs and activities with truly talented and caring staff. We welcome all ages and offer programming for everyone! From swim lessons and summer camps to water aerobics and Unified Champion Club programs it’s all about YOU and your path to success.

  • Indoor Track
  • 3 Gymnasiums
  • Therapy Pool
  • Lap Pool
  • Fitness Center
  • Lift Zone
  • Gronk Zone
  • Group Exercise Studio w/spin bikes
  • Red Light
  • Massage Chair
  • 2 MLB Replica turf fields
  • 32-acre Camp Tracy facility
  • Locker Rooms
  • Teaching Kitchen
  • Wellness Window (cafe)
  • Childcare areas
  • Child Watch
  • Lounge
  • NinjAdventure Zone (Indoor play structure & ninja obstacle course)
  • Climbing Wall
  • PLUS! MaineGeneral Sports Medicine and Peter Alfond Prevention & Healthy Living

For a full list of amenities and descriptions, please visit our Wellness page.


NO Joiner Fees, NO Class Fees for Adults & Seniors, NO Early Termination Fees, Hassle-Free Holds/Cancellations & Joint Memberships with Y’s Nationwide!

Rates below are effective as of May 1, 2024.

Youth Memberships

Youth Memberships
Ages 0 – 18 years

Includes access (with adult supervision) to Track, Triple Gymnasium, Therapy Pool, Lap Pool & Gronk Zone.

Does NOT include access to Adult Fitness Spaces.

Discounts On Youth Lessons, Camps, Trips, NinjAdventure Zone & Climbing Wall, Childcare, Party Rentals & Private Lessons.

Monthly Draft Fee Annual Fee

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Teen Membership

Teen Membership
Ages 13-18 years

Includes access to Group Exercise Room, Track, Triple Gymnasium, Therapy Pool, Lap Pool, Climbing Wall & NinjaAdventure Zone, Fitness Center, Lift Zone, Gronk Zone, Child Watch. Fitness Equipment Orientation is required prior to accessing the Adult Fitness Center and Lift Zone.

Discounts On Youth Lessons, Camps, Trips, Personal Training, Childcare, Party Rentals & Private Lessons.

Monthly Draft Fee Annual Fee

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Student Membership

Student Membership
Ages 19 – 22 Years

Includes access to Group Exercise Room, Track, Triple Gymnasium, Therapy Pool, Lap Pool, Climbing Wall & NinjAdventure Zone, Fitness Center, Lift Zone, Gronk Zone, Child Watch.

Discounts On Personal Training, Childcare, Party Rentals & Private Lessons.

Monthly Draft Fee Annual Fee

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Adult Membership

Adult Membership
Ages 23 – 54 Years

Includes access to Group Exercise Room, Track, Triple Gymnasium, Therapy Pool, Lap Pool, Climbing Wall& NinjAdventure Zone, Fitness Center, Lift Zone, Gronk Zone, Child Watch.

Discounts On Personal Training, Childcare, Party Rentals & Private Lessons.

Individual Monthly Draft Fee Individual Annual Fee
Couples Monthly Draft Fee Couples Annual Fee

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Senior Membership

Senior Membership
Ages 55 + Years

Includes access to Group Exercise Room, Track, Triple Gymnasium, Therapy Pool, Lap Pool, Climbing Wall, NinjAdventure Zone, Fitness Center, Lift Zone, Gronk Zone, Child Watch.

Discounts On Personal Training, Childcare, Party Rentals & Private Lessons.

Individual Monthly Draft Fee Individual Annual Fee
Couples Monthly Draft Fee Couples Annual Fee

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Family Membership

Family Membership
All Ages

Includes access to Group Exercise Room, Track, Triple Gymnasium, Therapy Pool, Lap Pool, Climbing Wall, NinjAdventure Zone, Fitness Center, Lift Zone, Gronk Zone, and Child Watch.

Discounts On Youth lessons, Camps, Personal Training, Childcare, Party Rentals & Private Lessons.

All family members must reside at the same address and in the same household.

  • 18 or under are considered youth
  • 19 or older are considered adults.
1 Adult + Youth Monthly Draft Fee 1 Adult + Youth Annual Fee
2 Adults + Youth Monthly Draft Fee 2 Adults + Youth Annual Fee
3 Adults + Youth Monthly Draft Fee 3 Adults + Youth Annual Fee
4 Adults + Youth Monthly Draft Fee 4 Adults + Youth Annual Fee


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Other Membership Options & Discounts
Corporate Partner Memberships

The AYCC is proud to partner with area businesses and organizations to provide discounts to the organization’s employees and for the business to receive sponsorship recognition as well.

Learn More

Our financial assistance program provides individuals and families access to our facility and programs at a reduced cost.

More Information

We are happy to offer group membership options to support service organizations, specialized schools, and adult day programs.

  • Support services staff must accompany clients with a minimum of a 4:1 ratio.
  • An access tag is required for the number of clients that will utilize the facility at any one time, but may be used for different clients throughout the day or week.
  • Membership fees (per access tag) are $25.00/month or $300.00/year.
  • Convenient billing options are available.
  • Group members have full access to all AYCC amenities.
  • Additional option for individual adults to join the Special Olympics of Maine Unified Champion Club at the AYCC. Families should reach out to Unified Champion Club Coordinator, Molly Folsom at 207-873-0684 or by email at

For more information or to set up a Group Membership, please reach out to the AYCC’s Member Services Director, Alicia Vannah at 207-873-0684 x 436 or email at

Insurance-Paid Memberships

The AYCC accepts multiple insurance-paid memberships. Many health insurances will reimburse  individuals for their membership fees and we are happy to provide receipts for monthly visits and receipts for submission to any health insurance companies.

Other health insurance companies offer added Wellness Benefits, and the AYCC proudly accepts Silver Sneakers and Prime, as well as Renew Active. Beginning in May 2024, the AYCC partnered with Silver & Fit and Wellhub (formerly Gympass) to accommodate even more individuals on their paths to wellness.

Individuals with any of the above programs are asked to retrieve their respective ID numbers and visit the AYCC’s Welcome Center with the details.

We encourage members to review health insurance cards and inquire with their insurance provider of any wellness benefits that their plan may offer.


The AYCC is honored to serve our military active duty, reserve, retired, and their families.

Grant Funding for Active & Reserves

The AYCC is proud to partner with both the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the YMCA of the USA to offer the following military grants to Active & Reserve Military and their families. ID required at the time of application.

Boys & Girls Clubs Youth Military Grants


YMCA / DoD Military Family Membership Grants

As of May 2023, the AYCC has also partnnered with Military Child Care dot Com to provide assistance with childcare funding for military families.


AYCC Military Discounts

The AYCC offers a 15% discount on Membership & Programs for ALL Military Service Members. ID required at the time of activation. Discounts may not be used on top of grants or other funding sources.

Serving Those Who Served

The Maine YMCAs are extremely grateful to the US Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Maine Healthcare System for recognizing the Y’s ability to support our nation’s heroes through access to our facilities and programming. We look forward to connecting Maine veterans to the YMCA over the next five years and beyond,” said Meagan Hamblett, CEO of the YMCA Alliance of Northern New England.

Maine veterans interested in accessing this benefit must receive a referral from their VA Maine primary care physician. YMCA locations can be viewed here:

The 15 YMCAs in Maine serve more than 95,000 people across the state each year. The YMCA Alliance of Northern New England supports collaboration amongst the state’s Ys and community partners to increase our impact and advocate for positive change in our communities. Due to its unparalleled reach, the Y is a powerful advocate for our communities and familiar with the needs of the children, families, and individuals throughout the region.

For information about the Alliance, visit its website:

Veterans are encouraged to enroll in VA health care at or by calling 877-222-8387.

Learn More

The AYCC offers universal reciprocity. Members of any other YMCA shall be admitted at no charge (to most of the facility). Verification of membership is required. AYCC members are also eligible for reciprocity throughout the United States on a visiting basis.
Members must visit their home (or original Y) at least 51% of the time.

Visitors to the AYCC and other YMCA’s must present a valid YMCA membership card and a photo ID upon the first visit and complete a visiting member waiver.

Program Enrollment: Members may receive privileges for most programs, including pricing. Members of a YMCA other than the AYCC are considered non-members for program and party/rental usage.

AYCC Members visiting other YMCA’s – we recommend that members contact the YMCA that you intend to visit to learn of any policies and to be sure that they accept the Reciprocity Program.

Membership Handbook

You are now part of a community where everyone can learn, grow, and thrive. Whether you are on a personal fitness journey or participating in any of our enriching programs, we are delighted to welcome you to YOUR community center.

We have served this community for more than 100 years. The Waterville Boys Club was founded in 1924, located between College Avenue and Main Streets. The YMCA of Greater Waterville was established in 1948 and housed on Pleasant Street. In 1972, the Boys Clubs merged with the Girls Clubs and in May 1999, the Boys & Girls Clubs and YMCA joined together in what we now call the Boys & Girls Clubs and YMCA of Greater Waterville at the Alfond Youth & Community Center. The AYCC is the only organization across the United States to have combined the Boys & Girls Clubs and the YMCA in one single organization and has successfully been in operation since 1999!


To inspire and enable all young people and their families to realize their full potential as healthy, productive, responsible, and caring citizens.


Caring, Respect, Honesty, and Responsibility


Youth Development, Healthy Living, Social Responsibility

  • You belong to a community.
  • You can achieve your health and wellness goals.
  • You provide kids with nutritious food to eat, a safe place to be, and access to adults who care about them in our childcare programs.
  • You support healthy programming for kids, teens, adults, and seniors.
  • You allow us to provide free or reduced pricing to those who need it.

As a member of the AYCC, you are part of an organization committed to helping everyone in our community have the opportunities they need to learn, grow, and thrive. Membership policies ensure we can continue to provide a safe, positive, and nurturing environment where individuals and families feel welcome.



People join the AYCC seeking new opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive. Members & guests come together with people from the community in a commitment to youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. With the values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility, the AYCC works with each member every day to help them realize their potential. We promote and expect the same from our members to create a safe, fun, inclusive, and nurturing place for all.


Members & Guests are encouraged to:

  • Engage in a healthy lifestyle.
  • Model empathy.
  • Meet other people.
  • Volunteer.
  • Behave in a safe way.
  • Respect differences and celebrate diversity.
  • Learn new skills.
  • Develop relationships.
  • Be a role model!

The AYCC makes memberships available to all persons regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, ability, or financial circumstances without discrimination.


The AYCC serves people of all abilities. We provide reasonable accommodation to enable people of all abilities to participate in our programs and utilize our services. Please contact us if there is any need for accommodation.


Only individually trained service dogs are permitted in our facility and on any AYCC properties. Upon Entry, staff may ask to confirm 1) if the dog is a service animal required because of a disability, and 2) what work or task has the dog been trained to perform. (For more information, please visit

Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. Under the ADA, State and local governments, businesses, and nonprofit organizations that serve the public generally must allow service animals to accompany people with disabilities in all areas of the facility where the public is normally allowed to go. Under the ADA, service animals must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered, unless these devices interfere with the service animal’s work or the individual’s disability prevents using these devices. Emotional support, therapy, comfort, or companion animals are not considered service animals under the ADA as they have not been trained to perform a specific job or task.

We recognize that several members and guests may have severe allergies to certain animals, but we cannot refuse entry to service animals. If you are experiencing issues related to a service animal in our facility, please let our staff know and we will do our best to make appropriate accommodation.


While policies & procedures are in place to reduce the risk of accidents, injuries, and emergencies, they do sometimes occur. Staff are trained to respond in an emergency, but members and guests play a key role, too.

Important safety information:

  • Notify a staff member immediately if an emergency occurs.
  • Follow all directions of staff members.
  • Dial 911 from any AYCC phone.
  • AEDs, First Aid Kits, and Narcan are in multiple locations, including aquatics, childcare, wellness, Gronk zone, and the main lobby near the Wellness Window.
    • An alarm will sound when an AED is removed from a wall case.
  • If the building is evacuated, gather in the parking lot and wait for instructions.
    • Fire/smoke alarms include flashing lights and a loud sound.
    • Patrons in aquatic areas may be asked to remain in the building. Follow directions from lifeguards and other AYCC staff.

Video cameras are in public areas (not locker rooms or restrooms) throughout the building. Recorded video will be made directly available to the general public only to the extent required by law. In the event of crime or security incident in the area where video surveillance coverage may be available, individuals should report the crime to the Waterville Police Department. The Waterville PD can then request the appropriate video from the AYCC. If relevant video is available, a video clip of the incident may be produced and made available to the Waterville PD (or other law enforcement agency) in accordance with the policies set forth herein. All requests for video recordings by law enforcement agencies shall be coordinated by the AYCC. The AYCC and its designees will cooperate fully with all court orders or subpoenas for video recordings. Video recordings will be provided in response to requests reasonably describing the desired recordings in accordance with the process provided under Section VI. IT MSP contractors will assist and support

AYCC with requests for large amount of video recordings (more than 1 hour) or other complex requests in accordance with the terms and procedures of this usage policy.


The AYCC is concerned about the privacy of its members and employees and maintains their personal information in confidence. The AYCC shares member and employee information with financial institutions, government agencies, and companies working on behalf of the AYCC only as needed to conduct business.

Other than as required by law or to conduct Y business, the AYCC will not share your personal information with third parties without your explicit permission. The AYCC will not sell, rent, or lease your personal information to others. You may inspect your records and update your personal information at any time. For more details see our full Privacy Policy posted on


The AYCC and its employees are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Our Lost & Found cabinet is in the hallway near the vending machines. All large items (i.e. clothing, towels, shoes, etc.) will be placed in this cabinet. Other valuables such as jewelry, wallets, phones, electronic devices will be stored at the Welcome Center. Items not claimed by the 15th of each month will be donated to an area agency. Please claim items belonging only to you or your family. Taking items that do not belong to you is considered theft.


  • Indoor Track (3 lanes)
  • Gymnasium (3 courts)
  • Therapy Pool (~91 degrees)
    • Ramp Entry
    • Rock climbing wall
    • Aqua fitness classes
    • Family and Therapy swimming
  • Lap Pool (~81 degrees)
    • Aqua fitness classes
    • Open/lap swimming
  • Fitness Center (cardio, machines, free weights, etc.)
    • Fitness Studio
    • Group Exercise classes (virtual options included!)
    • Massage Chair
    • Fitness Equipment Orientations available
  • Lift Zone (free weights)
  • Gronk Zone (functional fitness)
  • Locker Rooms
  • Red Light Therapy
  • Gardens & Greenhouse
  • Wellness Window (cafeteria)
  • Lounge
  • Child Watch
  • NinjAdventure Zone*

· Plus! MaineGeneral Sports Medicine & PAPHL wellness classes/programs

  • Adult and youth fitness classes (group exercise classes in the fitness studio and/or pools) are included with no additional fee.
  • *Admission to Adventure Playland/Climbing Wall is included with all membership types other than youth. Youth members receive a discounted admission fee. All guests (non-members) must pay a daily fee, even if attending with a member.
  • Membership does not include use of the Alfond Municipal Pool Complex. Season passes and day passes are available for additional fees.

Child Watch is free and exclusively for AYCC members. Leave your child in a fun, safe space to play with other kids in our dedicated Child Watch area on the second floor. Staff members are CPR/AED and First Aid certified, and many also work in our childcare programs. Space may be available on a drop-in basis, but it is not guaranteed. Sign up 24 hours in advance to guarantee a spot.

  • A limited number of lockers in the Men’s & Women’s Locker Rooms are available for rent at $180.00 per year. Personal locks are permitted on rented lockers, or the AYCC can provide them.
  • Additional lockers are in the Pathway to Wellness Hallway and in the Wellness Center. These are all for DAY USE ONLY.
  • There is no fee for DAY USE ONLY lockers.
  • Locks may be used on DAY USE ONLY lockers, but locks and items left overnight in ANY DAY USE ONLY locker will be removed and left in the lost & found cabinet.

Free public WIFI is available to members and guests. A password is not required, but you may need to open a browser and accept the terms before you can connect.


The AYCC offers universal reciprocity – this means you have access to YMCAs across the nation. AYCC members may visit participating YMCAs, and members of other YMCAs may visit the AYCC.

  • Verification of membership is required. Visitors must present a valid YMCA membership card and photo ID, and complete waivers as applicable.
  • Members must visit their home (or original Y) at least 51% of the time.
  • Those visiting the AYCC shall be admitted at no charge (accept to use Adventure Playland) and are considered non-members for AYCC program and party/rental usage.

We are happy to offer group membership options to support service organizations, specialized schools, and adult day programs.

  • Support services staff must accompany clients with a minimum of a 4:1 ratio.
  • An access tag is required for the number of clients that will utilize the facility at any one time but may be used for different clients throughout the day/week.
  • Membership fees (per access tag) are $25.00/month or $300.00/year.
  • Convenient billing options are available.
  • Group members have full access to all AYCC amenities.
  • Free program for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities.
  • Includes facility membership & special activities, athletics, and programs for club members.
  • Caregivers of adults or children of different abilities (nannies, BHP’s, case workers, etc.) will be issued a caregiver card to accompany the member to the AYCC. They are required to stay with the member throughout the visit.
  • Caregivers are required to have their own membership cards for personal use of AYCC facilities, or they may purchase day passes.
  • Caregivers are not included in any membership unless their legal residence is within the family household.

Each member will be assigned a membership key tag with barcode upon purchasing a membership with the AYCC. A membership card acts as a passport and verifies your agreement to receive the benefits of membership and to abide by the rules and policies of the AYCC. Physical key tags or tags through AYCC’s Mobile App must be carried with members in the facility, presented upon arrival at the facility, when registering for programming, and upon checking-in to certain areas of the facility. All members (adults and children) shall have a current photo on file in our system. This ensures that people entering the facility are clearly identifiable and that children are with the adults specified on their membership unit.

  • Lost or damaged cards will be replaced at the Welcome Center for a $5.00 fee.
  • Loaning this card to others subjects the member to loss or suspension of facility access.

We value suggestions for improving our community! Program and membership staff will periodically request your participation in satisfaction surveys. We always welcome feedback in person or via email or phone.

Contact us  |    207-873-0684    |


The AYCC offers a free mobile app (DAXKO) available for download on your mobile device. Members may log-in and connect their membership and their family’s membership with the app. The app contains real-time, current schedules, and facility alerts. Free downloads are available from the Apple Store or Google Play. See the Welcome Center for instructions on download.


While the AYCC makes every attempt to open or remain open in inclement weather, we reserve the right to delay opening, close early, or remain closed if the weather is serious enough to put our staff and members at risk. If a paid program is cancelled because of a closure, participants will typically be offered a make-up class. The AYCC uses the Daxko Mobile App to communicate weather and facility alerts. We also post alerts on our website and social media pages @clubaycc.



The AYCC is committed to welcoming everyone, regardless of financial need. We offer many programs to help families and individuals with financial support for membership, childcare, and programming.

  • AYCC Aid – membership & programs, available through an application
  • Service Discounts (veterans, educators, emergency workers)
  • BGCA Mission Youth Outreach Initiative
  • YMCA & DOD Military Outreach Initiatives (family membership)
  • Insurance-paid programs
    • Silver Sneakers
    • Renew Active
    • Silver & Fit

We also work with community partners to provide access. Those include:

  • Maine Veterans Alliance
  • Capital Area New Mainers Project
  • Maine Children’s Home
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Town subsidies (various rec departments, housing authorities, etc.)
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Third Party Subsidies for childcare
    • Child Care Affordability Program (CCAP) – Families who are working, in school, or job training
    • ASPIRE Childcare – For families who are currently receiving TANF
    • Transitional Child Care (TCC) – For families who are no longer receiving TANF, but have in the last 12 months
    • Higher Opportunity for Pathways to Employment (HOPE) – Families who are in school (certification, associates, bachelors).
    • DHHS Billing (Youth in Custody of State) – Licensed Childcare, (generally) up to 2 weeks or $500 at Camp Tracy Day Camp, and in some instances, youth or teen membership, and additional programming.

Membership rates and Affordable Access Programs are approved by the Board of Directors. Written notice will be given to members at least 30 days in advance of membership rate changes. Effective May 1, 2024, membership rates are:


Guests may purchase day passes for open activities (Wellness Center, classes, open gym, track, Adventure Playland, etc.) Fees are listed on the schedules for each activity. Guests must be at least 16 years old to use the facility without parent/guardian supervision and must sign a waiver of liability. All fees listed are per visit/day.

  • General Facility Guest Pass: $5 Seniors/Youth, $10 Adult
  • NinjAdventure Zone: Free with Family Membership, $10 with Youth Membership, $15 Non-Member
    • Teen, Student, Adult and Senior Members may use the climbing wall in NinjAdventure Zone at no charge. All guests not on the membership account shall pay per visit.

Memberships can be purchased as follows:

  • Paid in full for one year at time of enrollment by cash, check, debit/credit card or by bank draft (additional paperwork required)
  • Monthly payment plan to be paid by bank draft/ automatic withdrawal from a checking/savings account or through a monthly charge to a major credit card. At the discretion of the Chief Operations Officer, monthly cash payment plans may be allowed.

Returned Payments are managed by an outside source. In addition to automated resubmission efforts, you may receive messages to update your account information on our behalf. Returned payment service fees are $30.00 per transaction and cannot be waived.

Register for programs & make payments online through Daxko!


Members should regard membership at the AYCC as a continuous relationship. Memberships are terminated by action of the member (including non-payment of dues) or by action of senior staff members.

  • Paid in Full – Automatic Termination: A member who paid his/her membership fee in full remains a member for the duration. If the member does not renew his/her membership, it will terminate automatically as of the renewal date. A member may also request to terminate his/her membership at any time and may request a refund for the unused portion of the membership.
  • Monthly Payment Plan – Automatic Renewal: A member who paid his/her membership fee using the monthly payment plan remains a member until he/she notifies the AYCC in writing. The draft will terminate as of the next draft date after notification. The member can request a refund for the unused portion of the current month.
  • Hold: Members may place their memberships on hold for at least one month. Payments and facility access are suspended during a hold. Members will be re-instated upon return to the facility and checking in at the Welcome Center.
  • Cancel: We understand that certain circumstances may cause you to leave the AYCC. You may cancel your membership in person, by calling the Welcome Center at 207-873-0684, or emailing

If you have a monthly bank draft, the request to cancel must be made 15 days in advance of your next membership fee draft to avoid fees. Cancelation within 14 days of your scheduled payment will result in a $10 fee. Annual memberships will be refunded on a prorated basis, less a $30 fee. We do not issue retroactive refunds.

  • Inappropriate Behavior – Members who violate AYCC Behavior, Suspension, Appeal Policies may have restricted or terminated access to the facility as described in the policy.
  • Failure to Pay – Memberships shall be terminated after two months of non-payment for any reason. If you are having difficulty paying for your membership or need to place your membership on hold, please contact the Director of Member Services and/or review options in our Affordable Access Program.
  • Reciprocity – A person whose membership at another YMCA is suspended or terminated for cause is not eligible for membership at the AYCC.

All fees must be paid in full and in advance of the activity. Space in classes and childcare will not be held, and attendance cannot take place until full payment is made before the activity begins. Late registration for programs is subject to approval from program directors. All rental fees must be paid at the time of booking and in full to reserve the time slot.


We will cancel a class/program if it does not reach its minimum for participants. AYCC staff will make every effort to promote and implement all classes offered. In some cases, we will hold the first class for the opportunity to recruit more participants. If the minimum enrollment is not met after the first class, registered participants will be notified and given the option of joining another class, receiving a full account credit, or a full refund for the cost of the class.

  • If notification of withdrawal is received at least 48 hours before the first class, the participant will receive full credit on their AYCC account OR a full refund, less a $10.00 processing fee.
  • If notification of withdrawal is received less than 48 hours prior to the first class, the participant may receive 50% of the program fee, less a $10.00 processing fee OR a credit of 50% of the program fee.
  • No refunds are issued after the second class.
  • Refunds are issued in the form of a check and are processed and mailed within 10 days of the request, regardless of payment tender. Credit Card voids/refunds can be made only on the same day as the original transaction.

NOTE: Some programs, including American Heritage Tours, Mid-Maine Dolphins, Childcare Programs (Summer Enrichment, Preschool, After School Program), and summer camps (Camp Tracy & New England Sports Camps) have their own refund policies. Please refer to program materials for refund policies.

  • All members and guests must scan or sign in to enter the facility.
  • At least one adult (ages 19+) must be with children under the age of 13, providing appropriate supervision during their stay. Staff are not responsible for the children who are in the facility and not attending a class/program. Children should remain in the viewing room or general area of the program when not in classes/programs.
  • Members with authorized access to childcare or fitness areas must use scan tags for entry. Authorized pickups without scan tags must present valid ID.
  • The AYCC conducts daily scans through the National Sex Offender Registry Database. Access is denied for any person convicted of any crime involving sexual abuse or has ever been a registered sex offender.
  • The AYCC reserves the right to deny access or membership to any person who has been accused of any crime involving sexual abuse, has a history of violent offenses, has ever been convicted of any offense relating to the use, sale, possession, or transportation of narcotics or habit forming and/or dangerous drugs or chemicals, narcotics, or intoxicating beverages.
  • Bullying, discrimination, harassment, rough housing, fighting, sexually explicit language or behavior, and physical violence are not tolerated. This includes harassment or intimidation by words, gestures, body language, or any type of menacing behavior. Profanity, verbally abusive, aggressive, inappropriate, or threatening language are not tolerated.
  • Sexually explicit conversation/behavior, and sexual contact of any kind with another person is not permitted.
  • Appropriate attire (tops and bottoms) and shoes must be worn in the building. Swimsuits and bare feet are acceptable in Aquatics areas. Bare feet are also allowed in the dojo and viewing room.
  • Cameras, recording equipment, and cell phone cameras are not allowed in changing areas or restrooms. In other spaces, permission for photos of all attendees in the area must be acquired before photos can be taken.
  • All facilities are tobacco-free. NO smoking/vaping allowed on AYCC grounds (including parking lots).
  • No drugs or alcohol are permitted on AYCC property, including marijuana.
  • Carrying or concealing a weapon or any device or object that may be used as a weapon is not allowed. Approved weapons for use strictly in martial arts classes may be allowed.
  • Theft or behavior that results in the destruction or loss of property is not tolerated.
  • The Alfond Youth & Community Center and its staff are not responsible for lost/stolen items. Members and guests are solely responsible for all personal belongings. The AYCC recommends that items of value not be left in plain sight and that vehicles and items of value are always locked.
  • Always walk in halls and common areas.
  • Loitering is not permitted.
  • Glass bottles and containers are not permitted in the facility.
  • Video surveillance cameras are in use.

Members and guests are encouraged to take responsibility for their personal comfort and safety by asking any person whose behavior threatens their comfort to refrain from such behavior, and/or immediately report the behavior to a staff person or the supervisor on duty. Members and guests should not hesitate to notify a staff member if aid is needed.

  • Indoor Track, Adult Fitness Center & Fitness Studio on 2nd floor
  • Lift Zone & Gronk Zone on 1st floor
  • Scan tag required for access to all areas, except Gronk Zone.


  • Teens 13+ must have a valid Teen, Student, or Family Membership and have gone through a Fitness Equipment Orientation before using any of the spaces on their own.
  • Youth 12 and under are permitted in/on the Indoor Track and Gronk Zone with direct supervision from a parent/guardian and are permitted in the Fitness Studio for instructional classes only.

The AYCC strives to provide a welcoming place where anyone, from beginning exercisers to competitive athletes, can come to improve their health and well-being. Before beginning any exercise program, members are encouraged to check with their primary care physician. Persons 18 or older must complete a PAR-Q form (in the membership packet) prior to participating in fitness activities.


The AYCC provides and maintains necessary fitness equipment. We also offer complimentary fitness equipment orientations to all new members. Orientation sessions last approximately 30 minutes and provide members with the basics of equipment use. Learn how to change settings on the machines, seat height and weight selections on the machines so you are set up for success. Staff members will also show you the proper form to use for each machine. Our Wellness Desk Representatives are happy to assist you with additional questions or issues. Teens must have a Fitness Equipment Orientation before using any Wellness areas/equipment.

  • Use a spotter.
  • Clean gym shoes only. No open-toe shoes or sandals. No barefeet.
  • Wear appropriate gym attire – shirt or sport top required.
  • Wipe down equipment after use.
  • Return all equipment to its appropriate home after use.
  • Be mindful of others waiting to use the equipment.
  • Set weights down easily. Dropping weights can cause injury or damage.
  • Headphones should be used for listening to personal music/podcasts, etc.
  • Phone calls should be taken outside for privacy.
  • No glass bottles or containers.
  • No food or drink other than water in a shatter-proof container.
  • Slamming/dropping weights on the floor or on other equipment is strictly prohibited. To avoid slamming/dropping, choose a weight that you can control throughout the full range of motion of an exercise, which includes picking it up and placing it down/re-racking it. Choosing an appropriate weight prevents the risk of injury and ensures you perform the lift with the proper technique.

Our Certified Personal Trainers (CPT) are committed to providing safe, high-quality coaching and instruction. Personal training at the AYCC may be provided only by staff employed by the AYCC for that purpose. Private training sessions are scheduled for one hour. Cancelled appointments require at least 24-hour notice.

  • Clients will be charged in full for sessions cancelled with less than 24-hours notice.
  • Clients will receive a free session if the CPT cancels a session with less than 24 hours notice. The session must be redeemed within 7 days.

Without proper authorization, anyone who is not an AYCC staff member and conducts paid personal training (or coaching) sessions will be asked to cease and desist. All patrons involved may be asked to leave the AYCC. Staff may question people suspected of conducting or participating in outside personal training. Any of the following or related behaviors may attract such questioning:

  • Assisting a participant/group with technique or giving instruction, but not exercising with that individual during all portions of the workout.
  • Writing and/or designing a fitness or workout program for a participant.
  • Meeting with the same participant frequently or multiple participants on the same day.
  • Directing a participant around the room and telling them what to do next.
  • Receiving payment from another individual for an exercise session.

We embrace best practices by the American Red Cross and Y-USA. A key to safety around water is Test – Mark – Protect. This means we test abilities of pool users, identify their abilities to lifeguards, and provide floatation devices or limit access when needed.

  • Children under 18 years of age must take a swim test.
  • Children 6 or younger must be accompanied in the water at arm’s length by a supervising adult, regardless of swimming ability.
  • Supervising adults must be at least 18 years of age and may not be responsible for more than four children at a time requiring arm’s length supervision.


Swim Tests provide lifeguards with an awareness of your child’s swimming competency and confidence. Simple bands are worn around the wrist to let our staff know swimmers are deep water competent and confident. We have two swim bands (green & orange) that designate what areas of the pools your child can play in.

Green Band

To earn a green band, a child must complete the following tasks in sequence:

  • Report to lifeguard.
  • Enter from the shallow end & swim length of pool without stopping.
  • Climb out and jump in, return to surface.
  • Tread water effectively for 30 seconds to one minute, based on activity.

Orange Band

Children who do not pass the deep water swim test are given an orange band so that lifeguards and other AYCC staff can easily identify them. Children wearing an orange band must remain in designated areas of the pool.

  • Swimming allowed only when a Lifeguard is present.
  • Basic swim tests will be administered by Lifeguards on Duty to determine which part of the pool a child can use safely.
  • Children must pass a deep end swim test to enter deep end and/or use Climbing Wall.
  • Shower before entering the pools.
  • Shoulder-length hair must be tied up or secured under swim cap.
  • Infants must wear swim diapers and appropriate swimwear.
  • Two climbers at a time on the climbing wall.
  • Jump feet first in areas of 4.5-feet (or less) depth. No Diving!
  • Dives, spinning and/or flipping jumps into the pool are not permitted.
  • Prolonged underwater swimming/breath-holding is not allowed.
  • Play on bleachers, railings, lane line or other pool fixtures is not allowed.
  • Starting blocks are limited to swim team use only.
  • Rough play, pushing, shoving, and/or fighting is not allowed.
  • Swimmers may use noodles and toys, but not water aerobics equipment.
  • Always walk in aquatics areas.
  • Ceramic and glass containers are prohibited in pool areas.
  • Children under six (6) years old and/or those using flotation devices must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in the water.
  • Only U.S. Coast Guard approved flotation devices are allowed.
  • Lifeguards on duty have complete discretion to enforce rules and make determinations on safe behaviors.

To maintain an even surface, direction of travel on the track alternates daily.

  • Travel CLOCKWISE on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
  • Travel COUNTERCLOCKWISE on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
  • Stay on the inside lane unless passing.
  • Youth under age 13 must have a parent or guardian present.
  • Hoops must remain at 10’ for adults. Staff may lower hoops to 8’ for children under the direct supervision of an adult or in a program.
  • Climbing/siting on closed bleachers is prohibited.
  • Clean, indoor-only shoes required.
  • Shirt/sport top required.
  • Return everything to its place after use.
  • Use headphones for music.
  • Water is the only food or drink permitted.
  • Have respect and be kind to everyone in attendance.
  • Video surveillance cameras are in use.
NinjAdventure Zone
  • Stamps are required to use NinjAdventure Zone.
  • Wear socks (no shoes or bare feet). Socks may be purchased at the Welcome Center.
  • No food or drink is allowed on the climbing wall, in the play structure or on the obstacle course.
  • Go down slides bottom down and feet first.
  • Go up slides using the ladder.
  • Report accidents or injuries to a staff member right away.
  • Use all equipment as directed.
  • Age limits are listed on climbing equipment.
  • A trained staff member must be present for use.
  • Climbers must be appropriately clipped and harnessed by a staff member.
  • Users are required to wear socks and climbing shoes.

The AYCC is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all members & guests. We expect all individuals to always conduct themselves in a respectful and appropriate manner.

If a member or guest exhibits behavior that is inappropriate or violates our policies, we will follow a progressive discipline process outlined below. The severity of the behavior and the number of times the behavior occurs will determine the level of discipline that will be administered. Our organization reserves the right to take disciplinary action, up to and including termination, at any time based on the severity of the behavior.


We hope that all who use our programs and facilities will behave respectfully and appropriately. However, if an individual violates our policies, we will take appropriate disciplinary steps to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants, staff, and volunteers.

Please note that the suspensions may vary depending on the severity of the offense and the circumstances surrounding it. Our organization reserves the right to adjust the length of the suspension or take more severe disciplinary action, up to and including termination, based on the severity of the behavior. Other factors that may influence disciplinary actions include age of offender/victim, previous disciplinary incidents, mental capacity of offender, and outside support/treatment.

Step 1: Verbal Warning – A verbal warning will be given to the individual, explaining the behavior that was inappropriate and reminding them of our policies. The warning will be documented in Daxko (member database).

Step 2: Written Warning – If the behavior continues, a written warning will be issued. The individual must sign the warning and a copy will be kept on file. The warning will be documented in Daxko.

Step 3: Suspension – If the behavior continues after a written warning, the individual may be suspended from our facility or programs for a designated period. The length of the suspension will depend on the severity of the behavior. The suspension will be documented in Daxko.

Step 4: Termination – If the behavior continues after a suspension or if the behavior is severe enough to warrant immediate termination, membership and/or access to our facility or programs will be terminated. This is a lifetime ban pending reinstatement process. The termination will be documented in Daxko.


Level 1 – Corrective actions will generally begin at a verbal warning depending on severity, examples include:

Inappropriate Attire – Clothing that is revealing, offensive, or promotes illegal or inappropriate behavior is not allowed.

Inappropriate Language – The use of foul language, profanity, or other inappropriate language.

Inappropriate Conduct – Disruptive or inappropriate behavior.

Tobacco: Smoking, vaping, or the use of any other tobacco product on premises.

Level 2 – Corrective actions will generally begin at a written warning depending on severity, examples include:

Assisting Unauthorized Access -Assisting others in gaining unauthorized access to our programs or facilities.

Inappropriate Cell Phone Activity – The use of cell phones in a manner that disrupts our programs or facilities, such as taking photos or videos without permission.

Theft/Destruction of Property – Stealing or damaging property belonging to our organization, participants, staff, or volunteers.

Level 3 – Corrective actions will generally begin at a suspension depending on severity. Suspensions can be any length, but typical lengths are 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year depending on offense severity & frequency. Examples include:

Sexual Activity – Any sexual activity, including sexual harassment or misconduct.

Harassment & Intimidation – Any behavior that is intimidating or harassing, including discrimination.

Illegal Chemicals or Alcohol – The use, possession, or distribution of illegal drugs or alcohol on our premises.

Level 4 – Corrective actions will generally begin at suspension or termination depending on severity. Suspension will generally be a minimum of 6 months up to permanent membership termination, and must be approved by the CEO or designee. Examples include:

Verbal Threatening or Harmful Physical Contact – Behavior that is threatening or causes harm to others.

Weapons – Possessing or using any type of Dangerous Weapons on our premises.


Our organization is committed to ensuring a fair and just appeals process. Individuals who are suspended or banned from programs or facilities have the right to appeal the decision. The appeals process is as follows:

Step 1: Written Appeal – The individual must submit a written appeal to the Chief Operating Officer (COO) within 7 business days of the suspension or termination. The appeal must state the reasons why the individual believes the decision was incorrect or unjust.

Step 2: Appeal Review – The COO will review the appeal with the AYCC Safety Committee at the next scheduled meeting.

Step 3: Reinstatement or Upholding of Decision – If the Safety Committee determines that the decision was incorrect or unjust, the individual will be reinstated with any necessary conditions. If the Safety Committee upholds the decision, the suspension or termination will remain in effect. The Safety Committee may also elect to conditionally reinstate access. If an individual feels that the appeals process was unfair or unjust, they may file a complaint with our Board of Directors.

Reinstatement After Termination

Individuals may request reinstatement after a period of 1 year has passed by submitting a formal request for reinstatement including:

  • Reasons for reinstatement request.
  • Any treatment/support received since termination.
  • Lessons learned and how an individual intends to be a supportive member in the AYCC community.