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Awarded for Dedicated & Continuous support of Children in this Community

Class of 2023
David and Carolyn Greene for program.jpg

David & Carolyn Greene

Eric Haley.jpg

Eric Haley

Class of 2022
Laurie Hawkes.png

Laurie Hawkes

Maine Masonic.png

Maine Masonic

Charitable Foundation

Peter Mitchell.png

Peter Mitchell

Greg Powell 2021.png

Greg Powell

Class of 2019
Meg for Program.png

Dr. Margaret Griffin

Sue Hawkes.jpg

Sue Hawkes

Randall Liberty.JPG

Commissioner Randall Liberty

Mitch Sammons.jpg

Sheridan Construction,

President Mitch Sammons

Class of 2018
Jamie Boulette.jpg

Jamie Boulette

2017 cont 002.JPG

Coca Cola, Al Hartt

Papa Gaunce.jpg

Nancy & Charlie



Silver Street Tavern, Charlie Giguere

Class of 2016
William Alfond.jpg

William Alfond


George & Helen Ladd

Charitable Corporation


Prinella Mitchell

Cirls Club Founders.png

Girls Club Founders 1972

Class of 2017
Borman Family.jpg

Brent Burger

Borman Family Foundation

Golden Pond WM.jpg

Golden Pond Wealth Management

Len and shirlie Saulter (2).jpg

Shirlie & Len Saulter

In Memoriam

Class of 2015
Hall of Fame Award Fran Purnell.JPG

Michael Levenseller

Fran Purnell

Hall of Fame Award M. Michaela Murphy.JP

Michaela Murphy

John Trinward.png

John Trinward, In Memoriam

AYC, 1944 Waterville Baskeball Team, Richard Hawkes , John Hafenacker, Barbara Jolovitz
Class of 2014
1944 Waterville 
Baskeball Team

Richard Hawkes

John Hafenacker

Barbara Jolovitz

AYC, Craig Sargeant, Campbell's True Value, Thomas College

Class of 2013


Craig Sargent

Campbell's Agway     
      True Value

Thomas College

Maureen Morrison

AYC, Dr. Barbara Woodlee, Scott Bullock, MS Walker, Major General Bill Libby
Class of 2012
Dr. Barbara Woodlee
Scott Bullock
MS Walker
Major General
     Bill Libby

AYC, People's United Bank, Mike Runser, Ray Haskell Ford, Basil Hanscom, Mary T. Simcock, JC Penney, Sam Shapiro, Mrs. Evelyn Hanscom Towne
Class of 2011
People's United Bank

Mike Runser

Ray Haskell Ford

Basil Hanscom (Posthumously)

Mary T. Simcock (Posthumously)

JC Penney

Sam Shapiro

Mrs. Evelyn Hanscom Towne

AYC, Elm city Photo, Kennebec Valley Community College, Maine Children's Home, Governor John Baldacci
Class of 2010
Elm City Photo

Kennebec Valley Community College

Maine Children's Home

Governor John Baldacci

AYC, Frank Flood, Turner Publishing, Firstpic, LLC, Waterville Florist, Kershaw Powell, Central Maine Garden Club, Ann Mithcell
Class of 2009
Frank Flood

Turner Publishing

FirstPic, LLC

Waterville Florist

Kershaw Powell

Central Maine Garden Glub

Ann Mitchell


Waterville Parks & Recreation, Waterville Fire and rescue Department, Good Will Hinckley, Waterville Housing Authority, Dr. Raymond richard, Drs Michael and Margaret Griffin, Waterville Police Department
Class of 2008
Waterville Parks & Recreation

Waterville Fiire-Rescue Dept

Good Will-Hinckley

Waterville Housing Authority

Dr. Raymond Richard

Drs. Michael & Meg Griffin

Waterville Police Department

Major League Baseball, Valley Distribution, Gardiner Savings Institution, Kennebec County DA's Office, Red Sox Foundation, Cal Ripken, SR
Class of 2007

Major League Baseball

Valley Distribution

Gardiner Savings Institution

Kennebec County DA's Office

Red Sox Foundation

Cal Ripken, Sr.

Peter Alfond, Donal Brown, Dead River Company, James Hughes, Deb Barbazet, Marguerite Brown, Littlefields Gym
Class of 2006

Peter Alfond

Donald Brown

Dead River Company

James Hughes

Marguerite Brown

Littlefields Gym

Donald Marden, Waterville School System, Gilly's Gym, Detective William Bonney, Hannaford, Champion's Fitness, The Weight Room
Donald H. Marden

Waterville School System

Gilly's Gym

Detective William Bonney


Champion's Fitness Club

The Weight Room

Class of 2005
Mark Nale, Paul Mithcell, Tobi Leanna Schneider, Northeast Turf, Hue, Inc., Central Maine Motors, Waterville Sunrise Rotary
Class of 2004
Mark J. Nale

Paul J. Mitchell

Tobi Leanna Schneider

Northeast Turf, Hue Inc.

Central Maine Motors

Waterville Sunrise




Shirley Eskelund, Fred Stubbert, Jane Bickford, James Hennigar, Colby Cares About Kids, Are you Eady to party?
Class of 2003
Shirley Eskelund

Fred Stubbert

Jane Bickford

James W. Hennigar

Colby Cares About Kids

Are you Ready to Party



AYC, Fred Boucher, Eva Grover, John Huard, Joe Jabar, Sr., Lester Jolivitz, John D Joesph, Cianbro, KVCAP, New Balance
Class of 2002
Fred Boucher

Eva Grover

John Huard

Joe Jabar, Sr.

Lester Jolivitz

John D. Joseph



New Balance

AYC, George Jabar, George Keller, Bill Mitchell, Communities for Children, SAPPI
Class of 2001
George Jabar

George Keller

Bill Mitchell

Communities for Children




AYC, Dorie Hawkens, Robert Marden, Eagle Rental, Waterville Lions Club
Class of 2000
Dorie Hawkes

Robert Marden

Eagle Rental

Waterville Lions Club



AYC, John Winkin, Central Maine Morning Sentinel, Waterville Women's Club, Doug & Rita Suforth
Class of 1997

John Winkin

Central Maine Morning Sentinel

Waterville Women's Club

Doug & Rita Sukeforth



AYC, Edward Atkins, George Cates, Mary Cates, Pam Trinward, Avlan Farms, Waterville Rotary Club
Class of 1996
Edward Atkins

George Cates

Mary Cates

Pam Trinward

Avian Farms

Waterville Rotary Club



AYC, Howard Miller, Neil Monroe, Charles Nawfel, Paul Orloff John Osbourne Paul Paganucci Dana Sennett Walter Simcock Charles Stephens Franklin Thompson Atkins PrintingCharles Archer Joan Arnold Barbara Atkins Carl Beck Marie Deeb Robert Ellis Sydney Farr
Class of 1995

Charles Archer

Joan Arnold

Barbara Atkins

Carl Beck

Marie Deeb

Robert Ellis

Sydney Farr

Linda Guite

Margaret Jabar

Cyril Joly

Jibryne Karter

Howard Miller

Neil Monroe

Charles Nawfel

Paul Orloff

John Osbourne

Paul Paganucci

Dana Sennett

Walter Simcock

Charles Stephens

Franklin Thompson

Atkins Printing

AYC, George Averill, George Bernhardt, Joanna Dennis, Kenneth Eskelund, Michael Gallagher, Charles Giguere, Frank Goodrich, Phillippe Hebert, Robert Hottentot, John Jabar, Barbara Martin, Ellsworth Millett, Senator George Mitchell, John Mitchell
Class of 1994

George Averill

George Bernhardt

Joanna Dennis

Kenneth Eskelund

Michael Gallagher

Charles Giguere

Frank Goodrich

Phillippe Hebert

Robert Hottentot

John Jabar

Barbara Martin

Ellsworth Millett

Sen. George Mitchell

John Mitchell

Robert Mitchell

Penny Olsen

Philip Roy

Bernard Runser

Marcia Salmon

Joan Sanzenbacher

Ted Shiro

Robert Taylor

Keyes Fibre


AYC, Jane Dornish, Edmund Ervin, Nancy Hill, George Hawes, Lewis & Percy Levine, Paull Peter Lunder, Ann Marden, Larry Murphy, Laura Newfel, Germaine Orloff, Joe Peters, Leo Saulter, Oren Shiro, Elizabeth Gerald Tipper, John Connie Towne,  Clyde Elanor Whe
Class of 1993

Dorothy Alfond

Judith L. Brody

Mortin A. Brody

Al Corey

Jane Dornish

Edmund N. Ervin, MD

Nancy Hill

George Holbrook Hawes

Lewis Levine

Percy Levine

Paul Lunder

Peter Lunder

Ann Marden

Larry Murphy

Laura Nawfel

Germaine Orloff

Joe Peters

Leonard Saulter

Oren Shiro

Elizabeth Tipper

Gerald Tipper

Connie Towne

John Towne

Clyde Wheeler

Elanor Wheeler

Richard Willette


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