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Why should you volunteer with the AYCC?

Our volunteers make a direct, lasting impact on our community.


John Palmer

Mentor & Volunteer Manager


On average, we serve 5,000 youth members from 191 communities annually. We address issues such as food insecurity, educational inequity, social-emotional resilience, and overall health and wellness. In 2020, we served over 35,000 free meals to our community, offered emergent childcare, and launched virtual tutoring programs in partnership with Colby College to address learning loss. Quite literally none of this would be possible without our dedicated volunteers.


The general function of the Safety Volunteer is assist the Safety Coordinator in directing and managing the safety of the AYC’s activities and events in a manner which safeguards employees, the public, and the organization’s assets that align with the mission and philosophy of the Alfond Youth Center. 

Volunteers will gain experience and an understanding of the basics of Emergency Management, Security, and Workplace Safety industries.


Full Volunteer Description

FMI contact, John Palmer, 207-873-0684 /

Safety Volunteer

Join the Safety Team!


Childcare & Education

Homework Help

Volunteer in our After School

Program to help our youth

members with math, reading,

STEM, and project management. 

Preschool Education

Volunteer in our Preschool Classroom. You will read stories, help with art projects, and

engage in imaginative play. 

AmeriCorps Mentor Program / AmpUpServe as a mentor for one of our childcare students. You will become a consistent, positive relationship in a child's life - an invaluable role.



Share your love and passion for sport! You will teach sport-specific skills, mental toughness, good sportsmanship, and ultimately how to compete in a positive and productive way.

Event Management

The AYCC hosts tournaments year-round, welcoming teams from across Maine and New England. You will assist with Game Management; scorekeeping, crowd and safety management, etc.


The AYCC is dedicated to making athletics accessible to our entire community, which means that we provide financial assistance for programming, free equipment, etc. As a member of the booster club, you will be instrumental in raising funds to, quite literally, keep the lights on.

Unified Champion Club

What is Unified?

The first program of its kind in the nation, the AYCC Unified Champion Program promotes social inclusion using sports and clubs as the foundation to create climates of acceptance. Members with disabilities feel welcome and are routinely included in, and feel a part of, all activities, opportunities and functions.


Unified Activities

Volunteers are the backbone of this program.  By implementing inclusive sports, youth leadership opportunities, and whole facility engagement, the Unified Champion Program will create meaningful change in creating a socially inclusive community that supports and engages all learners.

The Unified Champion Club participates in a number of activities throughout the year, including arts & crafts, boxfit, softball, swimming, softball, volleyball, bocce ball, basketball, and more!

FMI about the Unified Champion Club, please contact:

Alex Carey, UCC Coordinator  /  207-873-0684  /  Email

In Partnership with Colby College

Food for Thought

Work side-by-side with our youth members to develop, maintain, and harvest our organic gardens. You will teach students about the value of nutrition, healthy choices, and sustainable living. 

Athletic Clinics

Share your love of the game with our youth members! You will come to the AYCC and teach the basic skills and fundamentals of your favorite sport. Help us ignite the passion for sport and healthy competition!

Outdoor Education

Share your love of the outdoors! You will work with all age groups - from early childhood education to teenagers. Activities will vary from fairy house building, fly fishing, animal and insect identification, and more!

ASP - greenhouse.jpg


You will directly impact our community's youth; building social-emotional resilience, sharing positive values and interests, and creating a safe learning environment. 

Athletics 1.jpg


You will share your love of athletics, physical wellness, and sport. You will teach sport-specific and life skills that will help our youth members as they navigate the future. 



For many of our members, the AYCC is their only place to socialize and learn safely. You will teach kindness, patience, and spread joy throughout our community, forming relationships that will last a lifetime.



I am volunteering because I believe that all children should have access to good and healthy food. I also believe that they should have the knowledge about how their food is grown and be able to learn more about where food comes from. Many children do not have access to organic foods and I think this is an issue that needs to be developed and worked on. 

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