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Important Membership & Locker Policy Updates

  • March 29, 2024

Greetings Members,

Thank you for being part of the AYCC community! Your membership allows us to carry out our mission every day – to provide kids with nutritious food to eat, a safe place to be, and access to adults who care about them in our licensed childcare programs.

Membership fees have not increased since 2019. To continue to provide extensive programming with stellar staff in a first-rate facility and keep up with industry standards, membership rates are set to modestly increase. New rates will take effect on May 1, 2024.

We understand that price increases will be more challenging for some families than others. To better meet the needs of multi-generation homes, we now offer family membership options for households with 3-4 adults. We remain committed to providing affordable access to anyone seeking self-improvement through membership or participation in AYCC programming. Contact our Member Services Director, Alicia Vannah, for assistance.

Membership has grown substantially in recent years. There were approximately 2500 members in 2019 and today we have more than 10,000 members! We still, however, only have 54 lockers in each locker room. Additionally, locker rental fees have not increased since the facility opened in 1999. As such, a new rental policy takes effect May 1, 2024. All lockers must be vacated no later than April 15. We will dispose of locks and contents on April 16.

  • A limited number of lockers in the Men’s & Women’s Locker Rooms will be available to rent for $180.00 per year.
  • DAY USE ONLY lockers are available in the locker rooms, outside Adventure Playland, and in the Wellness Center.
  • There is no fee for DAY USE ONLY lockers.
  • Locks may be used on DAY USE ONLY lockers, but locks left overnight will be cut and the contents placed in the lost & found cabinet.

Please contact the Welcome Center to reserve a locker or update your membership.

Thank you again for helping our community thrive,

The AYCC Team