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New England Sports Camps FAQ

New England Sports Camps are part of the Alfond Youth & Community Center family.

1. What items should my child bring to camp?

See the Packing List. This list includes general camp needs as well as sport-specific items too.

2. Does my child need a physical to attend camp?

Yes. A recent sports/camp physical within the past 24 months must be on file with NESC prior to attendance. This helps our kitchen & medical staff prepare for your camper.

a. Physicians can complete their office form and that can be shared with NESC, OR

b. Page 5 of the Medical History Form can be completed by the physician.

3. What if my child has food allergies? 

Please make sure that is noted on the Medical History Form, and that you have completed the Dietary Restrictions Form We also suggest that you reach out to the Camp Director at to discuss any needs further.

4. What if my child takes medication daily?

All prescription and over-the-counter medications should be noted in the Medical History Form and please complete the Medication Permission Form

All medications should be in the original container with the original label, listing the prescription information clearly. 

Medication not sent as listed above cannot be administered to your camper. 

5. What if my camper uses an inhaler or epi-pen?

Please make sure that is noted on the Medical History Form, and that you have completed the Epi Pen & Inhaler Permission Form.

NESC will need written verification from your child’s primary health care provider confirming that he/she has knowledge and skills to safely administer the emergency medication at camp. With proper verification, your child will be allowed to keep the emergency equipment on his/her possession during camp.

6. Can my camper bring their phone, tablet, or other electronic device?

No. We are dedicated to providing an outdoor experience without the distractions of electronics; therefore we require all electronic devices to be left at home. 

If you wish to send a phone with your child, it will be kept in the camp office and used with monitoring for calls home ONLY at designated meal times or in the evening. Campers can request to use the office phone during meal times if needed.

7. Does my camper need to bring money?

No, we provide the meals and snacks. If your child needs anything while at camp, we will either provide it or ask you to bring it for them. Campers do not need money for any reason.

8. Is there financial assistance for NESC?

Yes, for the 2024 season, we have two limited opportunities available.

9. What is the refund policy?
  • Children dismissed from New England Sports Camps, Summer Enrichment Program or Day Camp Tracy will not receive any refund/credit and are not eligible to switch to another AYCC camp.
  • No refunds are available for partial attendance of a week.
  • To remove a child from a week/session of camp, the Camp Director must receive 2 weeks advance notice. If a two week notice is not provided, the family will be held responsible for a two week paid notice.
  • Refunds requested prior to June 1 will receive full refunds or AYCC account credits.
  • Refunds requested between June 1 and two weeks prior to attendance date will receive a full refund, less the deposit.
9. What is the payment policy?

Payments are due in full one month in advance of the start date of camp.

  1. Payments may be made in cash, credit/debit, or check (payable to AYCC).
  2. Payments are accepted via phone (207-873-0684), in person at the AYCC, or online
  3. Payments may be auto-scheduled from a bank or credit card account. This may be done online or with our Finance Team. Additional paperwork is required and written notice for any changes must be provided in writing 14 days prior to the next billing cycle.
  4. Payments declined or returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF) will incur an additional fee between $10- $30.00 per instance and must be paid immediately in addition to the total of the original fee that was returned. Personal checks and auto-scheduled payments will no longer be accepted after 2 instances of returns.
  5. The AYCC must be notified in advance of the camp of any third party assistance being utilized to pay for camp.

New England Sports Camps are located at Camp Tracy. The Lodge is located at 302 McGrath Pond Road, Oakland, Maine 04963

Maine’s Fenway is just north of the lodge, on the corner of McGrath Pond Road, and Camp Tracy Meadows. 


New England Sports Camps and the Alfond Youth & Community Center are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. We encourage families to label personal belongings with the camper’s name.