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Family Wraparound

A family initiative for AYCC Waterville childcare families.


The AYCC Family Wellness Wraparound Program is a FREE program spearheaded by U.S. Congresswoman Chellie Pingree and made possible by congressional funding that aims to improve the health, food security, and well-being of AYCC families.

Who Qualifies?

This program is for youth and their families attending one of the following AYCC Waterville childcare programs.

  • Burger-Roy After School Program
  • Preschool Program
  • North End Learning Center
Qualifying families may participate in any or all of the following benefits:
  • A free AYCC family membership, including family-focused wellness classes, pool and fitness center access (fitness center access for ages 13+)
  • Participation in the Greenhouse to Your House free weekend meal program
  • Free monthly family dinners with community partner participation
  • Free childcare tuition for parents/guardians currently enrolled in a continuing education program, college courses or certificate programs
  • Free swim lessons, martial arts and/or athletic programs for youth (equipment provided, if needed)
  • Free participation in AYCC-sponsored family partnership & educational programs
  • Free teen job support via the Jobs for Maine Graduates (JMG) Badge & Certificate program
  • Free parent/guardian parenting workshops
  • Free youth & family education on healthy dental practices
How can our family participate?
  1. Complete our form which will help us to determine if your family qualifies.
  2. The program coordinator, Chrissy Johnson will reach out to you to schedule a time for an in-person or phone conversation to match the programs to your family.
  3. You may be asked to complete some additional paperwork relating to membership and/or programs, and waivers.
  4. AYCC Staff will register your family or children for any related programs/membership.
    1. Our Welcome Center staff is happy to take your family on a tour of the entire facility.
    2. Memberships – Our Wellness Center Staff will set you up with fitness orientations if you are participating with a Family Membership.
  5. You may begin participating in the programs, activities, and events!
  6. Your participation and visits will be monitored and your family may need to meet with the coordinator to confirm that the programs are providing you with the tools, and resources needed.
  7. Each program will require frequent survey completion.

Program Updates as of March, 2024.

Individual Membership/Program Details
Family Membership & Youth Development Options

Becoming part of the AYCC means more than just purchasing a membership to a gym. We are proud to have built a community with our friends, neighbors, and partners from Kennebec & Somerset Counties.

Family Memberships include one or two adults and all youth living in the same home.

Membership access includes the use of the Fitness/Wellness Center and Lift & Gronk Zones, Group Fitness Studio (all ages 13+), Indoor Track, triple gymnasiums, Adventure Playland & Climbing Wall, Therapy & Lap Pools, Child Watch. All areas require adult supervision at all times.

Personal Training, and rentals are available at an additional cost.

Youth may choose to participate in athletics, martial arts, and/or swim lessons at no cost and if equipment is needed for participation, the program will assist or provide equipment.

The program aims to mitigate food insecurity in the Greater Waterville area and to define a new narrative around healthy food and cooking at home with the goal of inspiring families to implement healthier practices in the long term.

Each family will receive one box of healthy meal ingredients with recipes and instructions, and nutritional information every weekend.

The program aims to have ASP/Preschool/North End Families regularly attend family dinners each month at the AYCC, creating a sense of community within the programs.

Families are invited to attend free themed monthly dinners with nutrition education, and community partner presentations/activities.

The program aims to expose youth and families to and support them in participating in programming.

Parents/Guardians currently attending continuing education, certificate, or degree programs will receive free childcare.

Teens will have access to workforce development activities through the Jobs for Maine Graduates (JMG) Badge Program for career exploration and skill building.

Connecting youth and families demonstrating a variety of needs for these services with a support organization.

Families will be provided with resources regarding wellness, referrals, and will have access to programming and events using the Community Resiliance Model, and the Front Porch Model. Additional targeted retreats/camps will be offered.

Increasing awareness of dental health for youth and families and connect them with support if needed through educational activities and clinics.